Friendly Fire

Reviewed by: juphelia

March 06, 2013

Rating: three-point-five

Coincidentally, I watched 2 legal dramas back to back, both starring Tavia Yeung. One is The Other Truth, and the other Friendly Fire. My verdict? I like Friendly Fire better, even though the plots for both are mediocre at best.

Being a legal drama, Friendly Fire is a refreshing take as it is on the public prosecutor's point of view and not just defense lawyers or magistrate judges. The drama also includes the prosecutors' trainees who had to undergo their legal training before becoming full-fledged prosecutors.

Since this show stars Tavia Yeung and Michael Tse, the acting won't go wrong. And I am right! Michael Tse shines as always, no matter what role he plays. Somehow there is the remnants of Laughing Sir in this role. His chemistry with Tavia Yeung is so great that they really look like they are made for each other! I really really really love that proposal scene! How come Michael never seems to get any acting award? He is much better than a lot of up and comers that TVB is currently promoting.

Sharon Chan is cast as a police officer here. Why is it that whenever she is at home, she always wears short shorts? Does TVB really want to show off her perfect long legs?

The legal cases are nothing to shout about. The most memorable case would be the one with the China mother coming to Hong Kong to give birth. I guess that is the social situation so prevalent in Hong Kong right now. Kudos to TVB for covering issues like this in its recent shows! Mandy Wong as the pregnant mother is memorable with her China accent, and the stereotypical portrayal of the behaviour and attitudes of China people. Small wonder it caused an uproar in China itself.

I have not seen Sammy before in any show, but he did alright in this as the nice and caring probationary inspector who have no qualms bending the rules a little in order to solve a case. I love his "naked" shower scene, that was really hilarious! Although he looks older than Michael, even though Michael is supposed to be the older one! The most memorable scene is when their father died and the grief and sorrow they showed, my heart really went out to them!

I also like the part where Sharon ditched her groom on her wedding day and went to join Sammy's team to fight the criminals, in her wedding dress and all! The two of them made a really good team!

The part where Sammy's real mother (Mary Hon, who played a judge) found out about his identity, and was treating him so nicely in court, even telling off the lawyer who was rude to him, really had me in stitches!

I have also not seen Alice Chan in any show before. Apparently this was her first TVB role. My first impression is that she is pretty and regal! She has a touch of class and elegance that suits her role as a rich and unscrupulous woman perfectly. And is it my imagination, but she sure does look like Astrid Chan?

Although Michael and Tavia are the leads, the ones that stole the show are the other couple - Louis Yuen and Grace Wong. Initially, I thought Louis Yuen was Tavia Yeung's best gay friend. He sure does look that in the show! So it was a big surprise to me when he is actually hetrosexual, and not just that, but fell in love with the "bimbotic" Grace. Their relationship is the light-hearted comedic one to Michael and Tavia's serious, loving yet no-nonsense relationship.

The other funny character is Sharon's father, Chun Wong. He and the actress that played his wife really come across as a comedic, yet loving, couple. It is so cute that they wear matching clothes all the time! The jealousy scene between him and Michael's father are so funny!

My favourite case would be Samantha Ko's rape case. I say "favourite" not because I am happy with the verdict, I wish that rapist was found guilty and charged, but because for someone who had just been through a traumatic experience, she remained strong and never allowed herself to waver or fail in any way. Even though she cried to herself when she was alone, but she still had that cheerful, positive and strong demeanour in front of others. That really calls for admiration and respect! Samantha herself is so pretty too!

Overall, it is an okay show, for those who are interested in legal dramas. TVB has its own share of legal dramas, and all covering different aspects of the law and the legal proceedings. The plot is average, but the lead characters make up for it.

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