Ghetto Justice

Reviewed by: juphelia

December 24, 2012

Rating: five

I have stopped watching TVB series for a while because I find the later productions mediocre as compared to those in the 90s and up to mid-2000s. However, I watched Ghetto Justice because my friend highly recommends it, together with some of the recent productions which I have yet to watch. And I love it! I actually finished this series in one day, because the moment I started watching I just kept going and before I knew it, I finished watching the whole show!

I have always been interested in shows where there is a legal angle, hence I have watched the Files of Justice Series as well as the Survivor's Law series, the former really good and the latter just okay. Ghetto Justice exceeds my expectations, because the cases being dealt with and how Mr L.A. Law (Kevin Cheng) handles the cases is exactly the way I think a lawyer should be - uphold justice and do the right thing for all, instead of just being a vessel of the rich and famous where one can even get away with murder as long as you are wealthy.

Kevin Cheng did an excellent job as the street lawyer who helps the normal people like you and I, instead of just helping the rich and famous and forgetting everything else just to win a case no matter what. He did not start off being a street lawyer though, he was the ambitious and capable young lawyer who wanted to succeed and did everything to achieve his goals, until his conscience caught up with him and since then he decided to help the lay people and really uphold the law instead of just helping the rich get off scot free. I really like his character from the beginning to the end, and I salute the way he presented his cases in court.

In comes Myolie Wu, whom he sees as a younger version of himself. She wanted to fulfil her dreams of being a famous lawyer like his former self, but later when she realised she was helping a murderer and her client not only lied, but also wanted to shirk all responsibilities and blamed others just to get off scot free, she finally understood his stance. Of course they started liking each other and began dating, but their romance is played out so subtly, yet so sweet. Their chemistry with each other is so good that even though they do not behave so lovey dovey on screen and in front of everyone, yet one look can tell they are a perfect match. There was no hard pursue, no courting, no declaration of love and whatnot, yet the way they got together is just so natural and so subtle that everyone knows they are together yet there is no blatant showing of their feelings. No wonder they got Best Couple!

The other character I really like is the one played by Sharon Chan. Even though she is looked down upon by everyone due to her profession, but her sense of justice and friendship is stronger than everyone else's, so much so that she was even willing to run around the streets naked just to catch a thief. And when she finally caught the thief, with help from a passing police officer who later lent her his jacket to cover up, everyone stood around ostracising her. The police officer had to scold everyone that no one could do what she did, yet they talked bad about her. Sharon Chan's admirer (Sam Lee) also scolded the public, telling the women off for just standing around doing nothing and not helping, and the men for just gawking and ogling at her naked body instead of helping her run after the pursuer.

Sharon Chan did a marvellous job in this show. She really deserved the Best Supporting Actress award. She made me ashamed of myself, because I am also one who is quite harsh on people of her line, and made me realise that it is not the profession, but the background and who you are that matters. It was such a pity she and Sam did not actually get together, as even though she liked him, she did not want him to fall out with his parents because they disapprove of what she does for a living. The saddest part is that just when he finally convinces his parents to accept her and they can finally be together, she dies from a wound inflicted when she chanced upon something she was not supposed to hear. Poor Sam, to have to go through this just when he finally gotten through to his parents!

Another one with excellent performance is by Joyce Tang, who portrays a housewife who has to take on the family burden of taking care of her mother-in-law and her two children when her husband disappeared to China and never came back unless he needs money. This show make me despise men, as they are protrayed as either those who abuse their wives, cheat on their wives, or shirk their responsibilities and make their wives do everything for them. Is it any wonder why is it so hard to find a real good man nowadays?

The rest of the cast are also portrayed pretty well, like Alex Lam who played L.A. Law's solicitor and grew from a fresh faced young boy to a mature man, Eddie Kwan who balances out the group of friends in his police officer role, as well as those who played the villians.

The show teaches me that no one is above the law, not even the rich and prominent, and if you go against the law, you will still be punished no matter who you are and what you do. This is the true essence of the legal system because justice is meant to be fair and for everyone and not just those who have money.

All in all, it is an excellent show and one of the best productions I have ever watched in recent years!

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