Golden Faith

Reviewed by: priorities

March 27, 2004

Rating: four

Golden Faith has quite an usual plot of a bad relative and a good person who saves the whole story. Although the basic plot ia a bit of a cliché, the details of the story are quite original and pretty interesting.

Ding Shan Ben (Gallen Lo) might be such an altruist that it could be hard to find such a person on earth, but what's worth noting is that things on TV are just meant for entertainment.

In view of that, the character is quite a nice encouragement to people in life. It sort of gives people hope that there might be really such an altruist around. The supporting actions of the character especially touched and warmed my heart when he was willing to sacrifice everything for his family.

The 'love triangle' of Xiao Yu liking Shou Kang who likes Tian Lan, who in turns like Shan Ben, was truly heart-breaking as it was between two brothers and sisters. It might be quite absurd, but considering that the two brothers did not know their relationship at first made it quite possible. I especially liked the sweet moments between Tian Lan and Shan Ben as Shan Ben was always torn between his responsibility and his love. It made their moments together even more precious.

Although some might say that the doings of the characters are silly (e.g. Xiao Yu not daring to express her love and Shan Ben sacrificing his love for his brother who doesn't even know he is good), in actual life, such things are quite understandable. The control of these things are truly not in the hands of the people involved. The acting of the cast was extremely good and overall, the whole serial was definitely worth watching.

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