Heart of Greed

Reviewed by: cin_el

June 15, 2007

Rating: four-point-five

Ha Yu as Tong Yun Gai (Dai Bao)
Lee Si Kei as Ling Hau (Dai Kai)
Susanna Kwan as Wong Sau Kam (Sai Kai)
Moses Chan as Tong Chi On (Sai Bao)
Linda Chung as Serng Joy Sum
Raymond Lam as Alfred

Supporting Cast:
Michelle Yim as Ling Lei
Bosco Wong as Tong Chi Yut
Tavia Yeung as Jackie
Yoyo Mung as Sui Mak Mak
Chris Lai as Tong Chi Foon
Louis Yuen as Henry
Fala Chen as Tong Yun Yun

Summary (SPOILERS!)
Tong Yun Gai is the head of a successful abalone business. His wife by law is Ling Hau and his second wife is Wong Sau Kam. He has four children, Tong Chi On (his illegitimate son), Ton Chi Yut, Tong Chi Foon (Wong Sau Kam's son), and Tong Yun Yun, who mean the most to him.

The problems begin with Wong Sau Kam, feeling that she doesn't get enough fame and she isn't respected in the Tong family. Ling Hau always tries to stop the family problems and hopes that one day, their family will be happy. But when she realizes her cancer has come back, her last hope is to see her grandchild, Tong Chi Yut and Jackie's baby. That never happened. Jackie lost her child due to falling off a chair.

More and more problems arise because of Wong Sau Kam. Soon, she gets kicked out of the house and is no longer considered part of the Tong family. She wants Ling Hau's forgiveness. Right before Ling Hau dies, she utters the words, "Po tung pun yao", normal friends. She does not forgive Wong Sau Kam. Wong Sau Kam continues to pretend to be good. Ton Yun Gai then decides to marry her secretly without his children's approval. He does not know her evil side. Wong Sau Kam decides to divorce him after two years so she can get half of his money. Even her son, Tong Chi Foon does not agree with her doings.

Tong Yung Gai finds out all the bad things she has been doing. He does not let her divorce him because he knows her plans. Later on, he grows sick. He dies after seeing his children and granddaughter for the last time. Wong Sau Kam does not get the money from him. In the end, the family forgives her after she learns her lesson, and they live happily ever after.

Cast Analysis
Ha Yu (5/5)
I have always enjoyed Ha Yu's acting. He always plays a "full of life" character. His roles are always funny. In this series, he did not disappoint me one bit. His character was very funny and has a very noticeable feature: his laugh. Every time he laughs, his shoulders move up and down and that adds to the humor of his character. His crying scenes are very well played out. You really feel the emotions he put out into his character. Especially the scenes with Moses. They act out a very great father and son relationship even though he is the illegitimate son. He can laugh really loudly and weirdly, but at the same time, he can cry. I really grew to love his character and I think he really let the personality of his character out.

Lee Si Kei (5/5)
I haven't seen Lee Si Kei's acting in a while. Still, she has not disappointed me in this series. She acted as the mom of the house really nicely and you can tell she is really respected by her kids. She can play her serious scenes and her funny scenes well! When she yells, I can feel her anger. I felt bad for her when she got sick and still had to yell and keep the family together. Her character is very loving and fair and you can definitely see that in Si Kei's acting.

Susanna Kwan (4/5)
I have never seen Susanna Kwan act before, but she's definitely suited for the evil character. She has the looks and the acting skills as well. I really grew to hate this character and I guess I'm suppose to. Susanna made the character very hatable. She has the charisma. When she played the scene where she uses the car to chase Louis Yuen, you can feel all her feelings all together: sad, regret, mad, angry, sorry, and her tears really show that she was regretful and sorry for what she has done to the Tong family. She was angry that she had been tricked by that man and she played that scene with a lot of emotion and it was nicely done.

Moses Chan (4/5)
I think Moses played his character really nicely as well. He was the funny guy, like Ha Yu. He was very comical and again, has the weird laugh like Ha Yu. He talks funny in this series and you really feel for him when he finds out that Serng Joy Sum likes Alfred. You grow to love the way he treats Serng Joy Sum and feel bad for him when she's with Alfred. When he cries, I fell really really bad for him and somehow I want him to feel better. Great job.

Linda Chung (4/5)
Linda had to cry so much in this series! I think she did a very good job with the tears shedding and all that. She can play the serious scenes as well, like in the courtroom and she really shows the stamina as a lawyer. I love the scenes with her and Raymond. She does so much crying over that and I really felt for her. I think she improved greatly over the course of her career acting. TVB is giving her a chance to play a more major role and I think she proved herself.

Raymond Lam (4/5)
Raymond didn't play that much of a significant role in this series, but still I think he did a very good job. In the beginning, I hated his character. I thought he was very selfish and didn't care about Serng Joy Sum's feelings. He always thought about his work and he always put his career first. But then I grew to love his character. Even though he cheated on Serng Joy Sum, he admitted to it and he did so many things to try to get Serng Joy Sum to forgive him. I loved him in this series. I really fell in love with his character. When he cries, I feel like crying. He plays his death scene really nicely. He can cry really well and tears seem to drop instantly. His death scene was really memorable and so was his character. I actually missed seeing him after he dies!

Supporting Cast Ratings

Michelle Yim (4.5/5)

Bosco Wong (4/5)

Tavia Yeung (4/5)

Yoyo Mung (4/5)

Chris Lai (4/5)

Louis Yuen (4/5)

Fala Chen (3.5/5)

- When the cars crashes and Serng Joy Sum thought it was Dut Dut Day. I mean, that scene is getting old. It has already been played out with Alfred. It's so obvious he didn't die.
- Dut Dut Day asked Serng Joy Sum to marry him. They didn't even develop a bf and gf relationship yet. They just went from friends to husband and wife? Too sudden.
- The ending was too rushed. The Tong family forgave Wong Sau Kam after all that she had done. It seems to fake.

Overall, the series was very convincing. Besides the flaws, I really enjoyed watching it. There are many funny scenes especially towards the beginning of the series. Ha Yu and Moses added a lot of humor to it. The relationship of the Tong family is unforgettably great. Everyone loved each other and the cast definitely made the series a memorable one. I would absolutely, without doubt, recommend this series to anyone.

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