Heart of Greed

Reviewed by: stars13

October 14, 2007

Rating: four-point-five

Title: 溏心風暴
Episodes: 40

"Heart of Greed" is probably the best series that has been released in 2007. I remember the "Heart of Greed" cast doing a promotion for this series in Showbiz star news. They were watching the final episode with the Hong Kong audience in a shopping centre. I couldn't wait for the series to be broadcast in Europe but I knew I would have to wait a while. Surprisingly, the Chinese channel announced that it would be on immediately and I was so pleased and excited to watch this. It certainly never disappointed me. This series is packed with laughter, tears and family conflicts that will quickly catch the audience's attention.


I do not want to spoil the storyline for people who have not watched this therefore I will just give a brief summary, plus it's a bit long as well and there are many storylines. The main story is about a Tong's family who is very rich and famous for selling abalone. Dai Bao (Ha Yu) has two wife, Dai Kai (Lee Sze Kei) the big wife and Sai Kai (Susanna Kwan) the little wife. In the family, conflicts and arguments occur between the two wifes involving the other people in the family as well. Finally, a group is split between the families and they both want to get the most money from Dai Bao (Ha Yu)'s will.

Meanwhile, other storylines involve Jackie (Tavia Yeung) who wants to marry Bosco and be part of his family and Sheung Joi Sum (Linda) who has a love storyline between Dak Dak Day (Moses Chan) and Ching Leung (Raymond Lam).


Moses Chan - Dak Dak Day 4/5
His character is extremely nice especially to all the family members and Sheung Joi Sum. He is also very funny as well when he is with Dai Bao and they both do the funny similar gestures.

At first I thought he was a "dumb" person who had the mind of an 8- year-old child but then I just realised that this is his character and he is supposed to have this sort of weird gesture and expression. I was very pleased with his acting since he always does funny characters like in "Family Man" and "Love Bond" but each time he is able to portray a different character and a different comedy skill. It's amazing how he can do that and it’s very rare to see an actor who can do that. I thought his crying skill have improved as well compared to his other series. I hope Moses gets the Best Actor award this year for this series. He really deserves it!

Hay Yu - Tai Bao 3.75/5
The leader in the family but also the weakest. He cannot make his own decision sometimes and is always scared of Tai Kei before making his own decision and every time when he makes a decision he always makes the wrong decision!

His acting is also outstanding . His character is similar to Moses except it's an older version and it's less thoughtful. However, sometimes I feel that he overacts in his acting and I found it quite unnatural compared to Moses, therefore I don't find his acting as good as Moses. This might sound strange since he has more experience than Moses but I haven’t really watched much of his series and to me Moses can play any character evil, comedy, serious anything.

Lee Sze Kei - Tai Kei 5/5
The leader in the family who has the power to control the family. Tries to keep the family together. She is very thoughtful and wise.
This character suits her perfectly. There is nothing I can say about her acting apart from the fact that it's very memoriable and extremely excellent. She also has many golden lines which are remembered by many audiences. I really liked her in here. Her acting is really realistic. When she argued in the family with Sai Kai (Susanna Kwan) it looked and sounded so real. Reminded me a bit of my family when they argued. I hope she has a chance of getting the Best Actress award for this series.

Susanna Kwan - Sai Kai 4.5/5
The villian in the family who thinks that she has no power and wants to fight back for money. Again, her acting is so great, especially the arguing part with the family. She gives 100% in her acting. When she shouts in a scene her voice is loud and her expression is showing anger and tears.

Tavia Yeung - Jackie 3/5
A rebel who is addicted to smoking and wants to marry Bosco and be part of the Tong's family. When she is pregnant she ignores Tai Kai's warning and continues to do the modelling show.

Before this series, I was a Tavia hater but after watching this series I started to admire her acting and I really liked her character here. It was a completely different side of her compare to her other characters including image and personality. There have not been many leading actresses who have smoked in series nowadays. I thought her character was a hidden outstanding one and I hope she gets Best Supporting Actress or Most Improved this year.

Chris Lai - Tong Chi Foon 3/5
My favourite character in the series! His acting has improved a lot, especially his crying skills. The most memoriable part was when Tai Kai forced Sai Kai to leave the house and Chi Foon cried and cried. That part made me want to cry as well. Also, he is able to make his own decision and is nice all the way through. I like how his character handled the situation and I was very pleased. Hope he gets Most improved Male!

Bosco Wong - Chi Yat 2.5/5
I am very disappointed with him, not because his acting is bad but it’s because he comes out top little in this series. I want to see more of him and Tavia. It was pretty unfair since they have less of a storyline and the series was more focused on Linda/Moses/Raymond love triangle which I got a bit bored with. I couldn’t really say if his acting is good or not. It's not a very outstanding one since it's very serious, which is different from what Bosco usually plays. I think they should have given him a funny character instead of a serious one. Not really much different from the one in "Life Made Simple".

Raymond Lam 2/5
I'm very disappointed with his character. I didn't like it at all. It was dishonest and untrustworthy. I felt no sympathy for him even when he died. I also felt his character was a bit unrealistic at the end when he wrote all the diary entries to Joi Shum and apologising when he was cheating on her. Even though he apologised to Linda he has hurt Yoyo too. His acting was acceptable but nothing outstanding. Personally, I found his character annoying and prefer him not to do this sort of character again.

Linda Chung - Sheung Joi Sum
Her acting has improved a lot since "Forensic Heroes" and "The Biter Bitten". Her crying skill has also improved a lot. I didn't really like her character as well because I found it pretty annoying since she always cried. I wasn't really a big fan of her and Raymond's storyline.

My Opinions
Overall I think that his series is one of the best that I have watched. It has everything in it. Comedy, great acting, everything. Apart from the Linda and Raymond storyline which I think you should watch if you are a fan of them, the rest was good, especially the family arguments and the Bosco and Tavia parts cause they are very rare.

I would recommend this series to everyone since it is very enjoyable to watch and exciting!

I only give it 4/5 because of the draggy parts.

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