Heart of Greed

Reviewed by: juphelia

April 01, 2009

Rating: five

This is one of the most intense shows I've watched in a long time! The story revolves around a rich family, where the second mum always feels mistreated due to her status in the family, even though the family members do treat her as part of the family.

So she started inciting trouble by causing tension towards the members of the family. When the first mum finally passed away, she thought she could finally become the actual wife of her husband. However, the family would like to fulfill the wishes of the first mum by not treating the second mum as a family member after all the trouble she had caused. Thus, she incited her son to coerce his father to marry her secretly overseas.

After her marriage, she thought she could get her hands on his fortune at last. She asked for a divorce so as to split the assets, but he died before anything happened. So there began a court battle for the splitting of assets.

It took the efforts of the eldest son (forever the peacemaker) and his best friend the female barrister (who became his wife in the end) to prove that the family did treat her as a family member and shared everything with her. Upon realising her folly, she was so touched that she decided to call off the court case.

This is a family drama, steeped in family values and tradition. It is heartwarming to see how the family sticks together throughout everything, no matter what ups and downs. Of course, romance and love will not be excluded. It touches me to see how the eldest son tries to please everyone and keeps the family going after the death of the eldest mum, as well as to bury the love he has for his best friend because her heart belonged to another, yet still did so much for her.

It made me want to slap the second wife and the money-diggers for being such b***hes (pardon my language). And it made me see hope that there are people who can love someone so deeply that they are willing to make the person happy, or work things out committedly.

Overall, an excellent show! I only hope there are other great productions like that. Now I can hardly wait to watch the sequel, which I have yet to lay hands on!

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