Invisible Journey

Reviewed by: Tammy

March 08, 2008

Rating: four

Cantonese Cast:
Jessica Hsuan as Lam Lok Yee
Bowie Lam as Cheung Ka Fat aka Fai Jai
Joyce Tang as Ching Si Man aka Tina
Michael Tong as Cheng Wing Ho aka Steven
Halina Tam as Ha Gui Fun aka Fanny
Anthony Tang as Jung Wing Nien
Kwok Fung as Fung Lap Yan aka James
Patricia Liu as Au Ji San aka Josie
Raymond Cho as Chen Wai Sing aka Sam

Mandarin Cast:
Jessica Hsuan as Lin Le Er (it could be Yue Er)
Bowie Lam as Zhang Jia Fa aka Fai Zai
Joyce Tang as Cheng Shi Min aka Tina
Michael Tong as ZhengYong Hao aka Steven
Halina Tam as Xia Gui Fen aka Fanny
Anthony Tang as Zhong Yong Nian
Guo Feng as Feng Li Ren aka James
Patricia Liu as O Zhi San aka Josie
Raymond Cho as Chen Wei Sheng aka Sam

Character Introduction:
Lam Lok Yee: She is the protagonist in this series. She is blind yet she knows her surroundings quite well. She became blind at a very young age. She was at the beach with her father and she was trying to look for seashells. She almost drowned in the water, however, she also bumped into something and that caused her to lose her eyesight. However, even though she is blind, she is still very outgoing. She later meets Fai Jai, a man who will change her life forever.

Cheung Ka Fat aka Fai Jai: His background is very different from Lok Yee's. He always wanted to live a simple life with his beloved one yet the world he lives in isn't simple at all. He has to face his boss, James, who is a greedy and cunning man. He goes to Ping Chau and meets Lok Yee and they become good friends. When Lok Yee decides to go to Hong Kong, he is there to help and to support her.

Ching Si Man aka Tina: She is a business woman, always hard-working and very serious. She is also Fai Jai's long time girlfriend. She is also the one who makes the decisions in her relationship with Fai Jai. In the later half of the series, you will find her character very selfish yet pitiful.

(I will only do these 3 characters since they are the main characters)

Story (everything may not be in order):
Lam Lok Yee is a blind music teacher working at an elementary school in Ping Chau. She meets Fai Jai who is a substitute Mandarin teacher. They become really good friends and Fai Jai always helps her. Lok Yee's best friend, Wing Nien, doesn't like the closeness between Lok Yee and Fai Jai. He doesn't realize that he loves Lok Yee. Fai Jai advises her to go to Hong Kong so that she can see what the world is like rather than to just stay in Ping Chau. Although her parents do not allow her to go, they realize that it is time to let Lok Yee become independent. Lok Yee, along with Wing Nien, move out to Hong Kong to live in her cousin Fanny's apartment. Wing Nien and Fanny don't get along with each other but because of Lok Yee, they try to make peace. Fanny advises him to confess his love for Lok Yee and brings him to parties, bars etc. to practice wooing girls. But he's unsuccessful since he's wimpy.

Meanwhile, Lok Yee finds a job at a cafe but the other workers there give her a hard time because she's blind. They make fun of her and one day, she gets fired. However, the next day her parents come to Hong Kong and want to visit her work place. The guys at the cafe regret what they did to her and asked her to come back but she rejected it. She later finds work at a center for the blind.

Tina, Fai Jai's girlfriend likes Lok Yee as a friend but she doesn't like the closeness between Fai Jai and Lok Yee. She tries to tell him to avoid Lok Yee if he can. And to please her, Fai Jai tries his best to avoid Lok Yee but he really cares for her. Lok Yee also realizes that she loves Fai Jai. Tina pressures Fai Jai into marriage but later they called it off since Fai Jai thought that they weren't compatible enough. Wing Nien finally gathers up his courage and confesses his love to Lok Yee but she tells him that they can be only best friends.

Lok Yee later meets Steven, an eye doctor (He is also Fai Jai's best friend). He is very impressed with how Lok Yee is able to do the things that normal people do. She can ride a bike, shop on streets, and recognize her own surroundings and her friend's voices. He wants Lok Yee to participate in a research for the blind. He also wants Lok Yee to have surgery so that she can regain her eye sight again. At first she refuses but later she accepts because Fai Jai encourages her to do it and he promised her that he will be the first person she will see when she wakes up.

Fai Jai and Tina eventually break up because Tina thinks that Fai Jai is concerned about Lok Yee more than he is concerned about her. Actually, she still loves Fai Jai. On the day of Lok Yee's operation, Tina was drunk and called Fai Jai. He went over to her house and she asked him to stay for one night. The very next morning, Lok Yee wakes up, however, the first one she sees is Steven. She is slightly disappointed. Everyone tries to find Fai Jai but he is nowhere to be seen. What happened was, in the morning, he left Tina's house to go to the hospital to see Lok Yee but Tina stopped him and she tried to commit suicide. They struggled with each other and during the struggle, she pushed him by accident and the back of his head slammed against a car. Blood came running out from his nose and eyes. He was sent to the hospital immediately and he was in a coma for a while. While he was in a coma, Tina received e-mails from Lok Yee that were to Fai Jai, asking where he was. Tina bumped into her one day and she told Lok Yee that he was in another country doing business. Lok Yee knew that Fai Jai had quit his job but Tina told her that she helped him find another job. Lok Yee still continues to send e-mails to Fai Jai, thinking that he's in another country. Tina replies to her e-mails, pretending she is Fai Jai.

When Fai Jai wakes up from the coma, he cannot talk at all. He goes to speech therapy and he also finds a job at a cafe. Meanwhile, Lok Yee becomes an assistant at Steven's own clinic since she can see now. The cafe where Fai Jai works is in the same building as Steven's clinic. Lok Yee does not know that Fai Jai is the man who always supported her because he changed his name to Choi and she could not recognize his voice since he has speech problems. Steven and the others don't know that Fai Jai works at the cafe.

Steven finds himself in love with Lok Yee and tries to ask her out. However, she insists on just being friends since she is in love with Fai Jai. Steven deeply understands but he still loves her.

Wing Nien and Fanny are dating each other but they find each other hard to get along. Wing Nien is wimpy and Fanny loves to party. Nevertheless they love each other very much.

Lok Yee finally knows that Choi is actually Fai Jai (Fai Jai is all better now). She goes to his apartment to ask why he didn't tell her who he was but when she sees Tina with him, she feels sad and leaves.

Tina has a lot of stress from work. Her own best friend, Josie, envies her and tries to take over Tina's position. Sam, Fai Jai's best friend and Tina's co-worker, tries to help her but she refuses to let anyone help her except for Fai Jai. Tina becomes emotionally unstable and she is desperately waiting for Fai Jai. She pretends to be pregnant and Fai Jai decides to marry her.

Lok Yee decides to open a cafe based upon her own dream. Fai Jai helps her a lot with the cafe and Tina pretends that she doesn't mind since she knows that Fai Jai will be her husband. However, when Fai Jai becomes more and more involved with Lok Yee's cafe, Tina asks Lok Yee to leave Fai Jai. Lok Yee agrees and decides to do some traveling.

Wing Nien and Fanny decide to get married and he also becomes a holder of Lok Yee's cafe.

Tina decides to tell Fai Jai that she isn't pregnant on their wedding rehearsal which is the same day Lok Yee leaves. She also tells him that he should go and not let Lok Yee leave Hong Kong. At the airport, Fai Jai persuades her not to leave and she is touched. At this moment, they officially begin dating. However, her eyesight begins to worsen.

On Wing Nien and Fanny's wedding day, Fai Jai also proposes to Lok Yee but because her eyesight is beginning to worsen, she rejects him.

Yes, this is where I am leaving you. I don't want to spoil the ending for you! And don't be mad at me, remember this is a review, not an episode summary!

Artists Comments:
Jessica Hsuan - Jessica is still the same. Her acting ability has not improved but I think she did a really great job playing Lok Yee. She's actually quite persuasive for the first time portraying a blind person. I can tell when she is blind and when she isn't. If you look closely at her eyes before her eye surgery and after the surgery, you will see a slight difference.

Bowie Lam - Bowie has always been very good at acting but I think that TVB should give him other roles other than the "I am a good man, I am a cool man" kind of role. Compare Fai Jai with Tsang Ka Yuen in "Untraceable Evidence" and I see some similarities. Give him some other roles to play.

Joyce Tang - I hate watching Joyce play these kind roles. It's like she is so desperate for love. I want to see her as the strong type and unselfish, like Chen Sam Yuen in "Armed Reaction" or Sin Yau in "A Step Into the Past". I can't stand her when she plays desperate roles. All she does is cry. But I do really like Joyce. She's a very good actress, but I think the roles that fit her the most are strong and unselfish roles.

Michael Tong - I haven't seen him in awhile. I used to dislike the way he acts probably because I don't see him much. But when he appeared as Steven in this series, everything changed. I saw the way he looked at Jessica (Lok Yee) when he realized that he loved her. It's his eyes that do the talking. Sigh, too bad he doesn't end up with her. I was hoping he would.

Halina Tam - The last time I saw her in a series was a long time ago. And in this series, she played a very wild girl who has a lot of boyfriends and loves to party. I guess she was okay as Fanny and she did contribute a lot of funny stuff in here.

Anthony Tang - Hey, isn't he really old? I remember seeing him on television when I was younger. I think he was okay as Wing Nien the Wimp. He and Fanny were extremely mushy (ew!) and I think he was goofy looking when he was eating all the food at this party.

Kwok Fung - This guy is so fake. His cunning and evil looks do not seem persuasive. I don't like his character, James. I don't think it was necessary to add him in here. Useless character.

Patricia Liu - She was totally annoying. I hated the way she wooed Steven and I am so glad that Steven did not even take a look at this woman. Although I didn't like Tina, I felt so sorry for her when this woman, Josie, turned against her. Josie is just a useless woman who thinks she can take over Tina's position. And Tina was the one who offered her this job too! Some kind of friend she is. Patricia Liu certainly did well, playing Josie.

Raymond Cho - I thought Raymond Cho disappeared! I haven't seen him since "Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber". Well, he doesn't appear much in this series but I thought I might as well mention him too. He was okay as Sam. I do feel sorry for Sam, doing a lot of things for Tina but never won her heart.

None actually. This series was pretty well done although it was crazy having Fai Jai marrying Tina for the second time (I'm glad he didn't). Other than that, I have no complaints.

It's a light hearted series filled with laughter and love. I don't think you'll cry when you watch this.

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