Just Love

Reviewed by: cutepup

October 06, 2005

Rating: three-point-five

Jessica Hsuan
Sunny Chan
Dave Wong

Supporting Cast:
Natalie Tong
Patrick Tang
Selena Li
Johnson Lee
Fiona Yuen

The main storyline is about the married couple consisting of Jessica and Sunny. Jessica is a judge and always goes out to work so her husband, Sunny, stays at home to take care of their baby and do all the housework. Before Jessica and Sunny got married, she wanted him to sign a contract about the things he was going to do when they became a married couple. Jessica and Sunny argue a lot and Sunny's dad, as well as Sunny's other village friends and relatives, are fed up with Sunny acting like a housewife and being so afraid of Jessica. Jessica and Sunny have many problems rising in their marriage. This includes Dave who is also a judge. He is Jessica's ex-boyfriend and still has feelings for her.
There are many side stories which include the relationships between Patrick and Selena, Johnson and Fiona and also Natalie's sudden return to Hong Kong as well as her feelings for Dave. These stories are all very interesting!

Jessica Hsuan-
I think that Jessica played her character pretty well even though I disliked her character in the series. I reckon Jessica made her character have a thick shell but a soft heart because she seemed to always boss Sunny around, but when she misunderstood that he was having an affair she was very upset and this showed that she really does love Sunny even though she seemed to neglect him. When Jessica cried it was obvious how she was feeling. She was trying to stay strong, but she couldn't so she broke down in tears. Her character seemed very realistic while she was doing the crying scenes. I think that Jessica's character is a kind and caring person but she is also strict and bossy. This is why problems arise in Jessica and Sunny's marriage.

Sunny Chan-
Sunny is one excellent actor! I think that his acting in this series exceeded fantastic! Sunny's character seemed to always be so baby-like because he always listened to Jessica and his voice and the way he acted around her showed that he was afraid of her. It was very obvious that she was the boss in their marriage. But there was one scene where he was in court and told everybody in the court room, including Jessica, that Jessica was a bad mother and a terrible wife as well. He also told them that he phoned her to divorce her. His facial expression in that scene was so different from his previous baby-face or cute-face expressions in most scenes. I was so surprised! This is the first series I have seen Sunny in and I hope to see him in more TVB series because he is such a great actor!

Dave Wong-
I think that Dave was great in this series. This is the first TVB series I have seen him in. I like that his character is similar to Jessica's because he seems to be quite strict and mean on the outside, but on the inside he is a nice and kind-hearted person. Dave portrayed his character quite well but he didn't have as much scenes as Jessica and Sunny. I wish he had more scenes because he was an interesting charcter. Dave did many good facial expressions and he was very funny too when he was with Natalie. But I think that Dave's character seemed to be boring around Jessica because he just hovered around her and he was much more fun with Natalie. I reckon Dave should star in more TVB series because he is quite a good actor.

Supporting Cast:
Natalie Tong
I think that Natalie has improved quite a lot from her Gum Ding in the series "Lady Fan". When Natalie is upset, happy, hurt or any other emotional feeling, you can tell how she feels. At the start I thought that she was trying too hard for her role when she was in the court room and drawing a picture of Jessica. But when the series gradually picked up Natalie's storyline, I think her acting was very well done.

Patrick Tang
I really liked Patrick's character because he was very funny and had some great one-liners! He brought some comedy to the series. I think that Patrick's acting was overall pretty good but towards the end when he proposed to Selena, it seemed very fake. The proposal was much too sudden and rushed for a happy ending for the young couple. If the proposal wasn't too rushed I think that he would have acted out the scene a lot better.

Selena Li
This is the first TVB series I have seen Selena star in. I think that Selena acted very well when she was the sweet, kind-hearted person, but when she turned bad I reckon her acting was terrible. When she cried she pushed her tears out so hard and I think that Selena's face doesn't seem to look like the type of mean character Selena was meant to portray. It seemed too unrealistic.

Johnson Lee
I loved Johnson Lee in this series because he acted fantastically! He was really funny, yet emotional when he needed to be. I think that TVB should definitely promote Johnson because he has a lot of potential. In this series you can see how good he is at acting because his character is so different from the character he played in "Split Second". I think that Johnson did an excellent job in both these series!

Fiona Yuen
Fiona played her character quite well but I think that she needs to be more emotional with the right facial expressions in her sad scenes. I reckon she was really good in the hilarious moments with Johnson though because she is quite a comedian! I hope that TVB will promote Fiona because she has some good potential in acting too.

Jessica Hsuan and Sunny Chan-
I think that Jessica and Sunny didn't seem to be that compatible on screen. I reckon it was because of Sunny's easygoing and soft nature and Jessica's tough personality. Jessica and Sunny didn't have great chemistry but they looked alright together. But they were complete opposites in personalities, which made them argue so much that they weren't compatible. Jessica and Sunny didn't seem to understand the emotions that the other felt so they fought easily since they needed to guess what the other was thinking most of the time.

Jessica Husan and Dave Wong-
I reckon Jessica and Dave were more compatible because they were alike in thinking and they were both judges. Their personalities were similiar and this made them have things in common with each other. But even though Jessica and Dave had compatible personalities I think that a love relationship would not last long because they are too similar. They were both the type of people that wouldn't show true feelings, instead they would seem like a stone, a tough thing with no feelings at all. Deep inside they are both good people but they don't show it so the similarity in their personalities would make them clash. In the series Jessica and Dave are compatible enough to be best friends but not lovers.

Sunny Chan and Selena Li-
I think that Sunny and Selena have a good connection but they don't have that good chemistry. Sunny can give Selena the things that she wants most: support, encouragement care and love (if he loves her). But when Sunny was with Selena they seemed like brother and sister because Sunny did care about her and wanted to support and encourage her, but she wasn't the type of girl that he would love I suppose. Selena and Jessica are complete opposites. If Sunny truly loves Jessica in her personality, he wouldn't be able to love Selena. I reckon that Sunny and Selena did understand each other, which is why they had a great connection since she was there for him when he was going through his marriage issues. But I still think that Sunny and Selena don't seem to look like a couple because Sunny seemed to think of her only as a friend or a little sister.

Dave Wong and Natalie Tong-
Dave and Natalie understood each other fairly well because Dave knew or would be able to find out how Natalie felt and the reasons for her actions. He would also be able to help her through her problems and he really cared about her. From the beginning Natalie knew that beneath Dave's tough shell there was a nice and caring person. She also knew that Dave still had feelings for Jessica and understood why he refused to have a relationship with her. I think that Natalie grew up and changed in this series because of Dave who helped her through many problems. This is why I think that Dave and Natalie would have great chemistry and make a cute couple! Dave and Natalie are my favourite couple in this series!

Johnson Lee and Fiona Yuen-
Johnson and Fiona made a great couple! They don't thoroughly understand each other properly, which is why they didn't get married but I think that they truly cared for each other and were there for one another at the times they needed a shoulder to cry on most. Johnson and Fiona had wonderful chemistry because they bonded over Johnson's dog when the dog got lost and when the dog sadly died. I think that Johnson and Fiona's love story was very cute and a new idea because the dog lead them to one another and they became a lovely couple. Johnson and Fiona are also very funny, which makes them even more fun to watch!

Patrick Tang and Selena Li-
I think that Patrick and Selena liked each other a lot but Patrick obviously didn't understand what Selena truly needed which is why they broke up and Selena pursued Sunny. I reckon that their chemistry was overall pretty good, they looked great together on screen but their compatibility wasn't that good because of Selena coming from a rich family and Patrick wanting to live up to Selena's father's expectations. I reckon that at the end when Patrick asked Selena to marry her, it was a bit too quick but I think that since Patrick finally learnt that money isn't always the most important thing in life, the two of them would have a happy marriage.

Favourite Scenes- (GREAT SPOILERS AHEAD!!)
~ Sunny telling everyone in the court room that Jessica is a bad mother, terrible wife and that he wants to divorce her. (SO UNEXPECTED!)
~ Patrick asking Selena out on a date
~ Jessica learning to feed milk to the baby
~ Johnson drawing a heart on a tree for Fiona (so romantic!)
~ Johnson and Fiona's first kiss
~ Patrick's funny jokes
~ All of Natalie and Dave's scenes!
~ Sunny's dad saying to Sunny's mum that he wants a divorce and vice versa
~ Sunny's dad scratching Sunny's mum's back so that she will forgive him
~ Jessica teaching Selena about the statue
~ Jessica bursting into tears after she misunderstands that Sunny is having an affair
~ Jessica crying after she divorces Sunny
~ Dave telling Jessica that he still has feelings for her
~ Patrick asking Selena to marry her
~ Johnson and Fiona bonding over Johnson's dog

In conclusion this is a great series to watch! It does drag on sometimes but overall the ideas in this series are very fresh so I think that most people will enjoy it. I think that people who haven't watched it could give it a try because this series has many interesting storylines and great ideas.

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