Kim Mo Tuk Ku Kau Pai


Section:TVB Series

Genre:Martial Arts

Number of Episodes:20

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Kim Mo Tuk Ku Kau Pai

Reviewed by: Lynn2 April 14, 2008

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

After reading the other review on SPCNET I thought I would share my own. I realise that this series is an adaptation from a very popular novel; however, seeing as I cannot understand Chinese, let alone read it, I can only evaluate on the series itself. When only the elements of plot, character, and acting are concerned, I found this series to be quite interesting and well done. Felix's performance was vintage Felix as the tragic hero. I thought him to...

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Kim Mo Tuk Ku Kau Pai

Reviewed by: Pink_Ink September 08, 2007

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Chinese Title: 劍魔獨孤求敗 Main Cast: Felix Wong Yat-Wah – Lam Hong Maggie Shiu Mei-Kei – Lang Zhi Yin Hugo Ng Doi-Yung – Baak Seng Jung Law Lok Lam – Duk Ku Tin Fung Lily Li Lai-Lai – Yim Hiu Ching Man Suet Yee – Lau Ngo Seung Carrie Choi Ka-Lei – Lau Ngo Suet Gordon Liu Ka-Fai– Gung Zan Hung Summary: Law Lok Lam is Duk Ku Tin Fung, who is regarded as the head of one of the 'evil' clans in the martial arts...

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Kim Mo Tuk Ku Kau Pai

Reviewed by: spcnet December 13, 2004

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

TVB surprisingly had made a series in the past on this Jin Yong character, Dok Gu Kau Bie. Naturally curious and psyched to see a series about one of the most powerful fighters in a quest to become the greatest swordsman, the series was rented and the rest of the story went down a slide from there. "Kim" stars Felix Wong Yut Wah, Maggie Siu Mei Kei, and Hugo Ng. Those who are die-hard Jin...

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04-14-2007 10:42 PM


I had the liberty of renting this series, and I totally agree with this review. TVB did a mediocre job of filling the gaps of these rarely spoken-of and legendary characters in Jin Yong's novels, in this case, Dok Gu Kau Bie. This is probably why Jin Yong (Louis Cha) has forbid TVB to adapt his novels to movies series any longer. He doesn't want TVB to mar his legendary wuxia-writing name with pathetic "quickies." He did this after he saw the Legend of the Condor Hero 1994 and the terrible Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000 (he couldn't even finish it). It's not that TVB is horrible. It's just that TVB never wants to completely adapt his novels. They ALWAYS leave out a vital part or two or more. For example, all of the Return of the Condor Hero movie series (1986, 1995, 2006, etc) didn't include the ending where Yang Gor meets Junbao (aka Chueng Sam Fong), or that of the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre where, the first two chapters of the novel, Guo Xiang and Chueng Sam Fong was introduced and how he came to be the founder father of Wu Dang... There's actually a lot more to say if I weren't shackled by my job's break (15 mins).

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