Men in Pain

Reviewed by: OwarinaiYume

August 15, 2006

Rating: four-point-five


Hong Tin Yam Damian Lau Chung-Yun
Hong Sai Hei Ron Ng Cheuk-Hei
Wong Dak Kiu Louisa So Yuk-Wa
Go Fun Toby Leung Ching-Kei
Wong Kai Cheung Wu Fung
Wong Dak Laan Rebecca Chan Sau-Chu
Lee Jun Chi Lee Sing Cheung
Wong Dak Wai Florence Kwok Siu-Wan
Lily Au Akina Hong Wah
Rex Kong Johnson Lee Sze Chit


From a woman's perspective - it's hard being a woman and it is even harder to feel the pain of men. From a man's perspective - what's so hard about being a woman and why can't people understand the pressures of men?! This series talks about different generations of men, who are facing different types of pressures. Hong Tin Yam is the head of the family who has many responsibilities at work and at home. Because of all the pressure, Tin Yam becomes a very selfish person. His son Sai Hei (Ron Ng) is an optimistic person, who cares less about anything until one day...

Tin Yam realizes he has some 'problems' in the bedroom. However, he does not let his wife Dak Kiu (Louisa So) know. His ego is so large that he does not go see a doctor, so he asks his friend Lily (Akina Hong) to 'test' his little theory. This was found out by Dak Kiu, but Tin Yam wanted his face, so he still does not let her know. This leads his wife to believe he was cheating on her. She almost immediately demands a divorce.

As for Sai Hei, he meets a young girl named Go Fun (Toby Leung). They fall for each other and spent the night together. To their horror, Go Fun finds herself pregnant with Sai Hei's child. Go Fun's family is furious when they find out. They blame Tin Yam for not teaching him 'properly'. However, soon, Go Fun's father learns to accept Sai Hei for they plan to get married. However, Go Fun is scared because she still has to go to school and care for the child inside her stomach. The girl stresses herself with homework and her baby.

One morning, seven months into the pregnancy, Tin Yam advises Go Fun to eat breakfast before she goes to school. She refuses, insisting that she was going to be late. Tin Yam does not let her go and grabs her arm to keep her from moving. After a bit of pushing and pulling, Sai Hei comes out of the room and Go Fun starts to have contractions! Soon, Go Fun is in the hospital giving to a premature baby. If that isn't enough, the whole entire family blames Tin Yam for the early birth. Tin Yam secretly buys custom-made diapers for the baby, prays at the temple, creates a name, disinfects the whole apartment, and buys a beautiful crib. However, he is crushed when he hears that his son and daughter-in-law are not coming home to the apartment, but are going to stay at Go Fun's.

Hong Tin Yam is now going through family problems, working situations, money problems, all types of troubles that can make men feel a lot of pain. How do the men handle these pressures? How do they fail? How did they succeed after failure? How do women understand the pain of men? Follow Damian Lau, Ron Ng, and Louisa So on a journey that will show you more than you have ever known about men in pain.

Character Analysis

Damian Lau as Hong Tin Yam
A very different Damian Lau. He is not the strict teacher in Find the Light, not the evil master in Number One in the World, and definitely not the insane husband in Hard Fate. In this series, he is the man with lots and lots of pain. His pressures came from different sources: his wife, his son, from in-laws, and from work. It is hard to deal with these pressures at the same time, this is why he became a little crazy about everything. Damian's character is extremely funny, especially when he makes his facial expressions. You can blame him for being annoying or complicated, but you will also understand his pain.

Ron Ng as Hong Sai Hei
This is also a very different Ron Ng. At the beginning, the immature and impulsive Ron we all know is there. But when he becomes a father, and a new husband who needs to take care of a new family - he changes. Ron matures so much throughout the whole series; he started to care more about his family, care more about the next generation, he started to do everything for the people around him. This is the perfect husband every girl dreams of: cute, handsome and mature. Thinking about Ron's image in his older series, it is very hard to imagine him in a good father role, but watching this series will totally change your mind. Ron did an excellent job in this series. He has also made some major improvements. There was one scene where he yelled at his father - phew - his face turned so red...Also, his scenes with Damian were very emotional. They built an excellent father-and-son chemistry together.

Louisa So as Wong Dak Kiu
Dak Kiu is naïve but outgoing and very willing to help others. She cares and teaches all without discrimination. She treats her students with friendliness and earnest sincerity, thinks and acts all for the well-being of others. She is unselfish and puts her whole heart and attention when falling in love with someone. Although Sai Hei is her step-son, she treats him like one of her own. Speaking whatever is on her mind, she is very straight-forward and doesn't like to beat around the bush. I really liked her character in Men in Pain because although she felt that Tin Yam cheated on her, she was still very supportive of him. When Sai Hei was mad at him, she told him all the good things he had done as a father. At the end, she realized that she was still in love with Tin Yam, and decided to forget the past.

Toby Leung as Go Fun
A college student and a very high academic scholar. She has a smart and easy-going personality. She has the willpower to achieve what she wants; she is independent. Go Fun isn't afraid of hard work, but can be quite stubborn. She is also willing to sacrifice all for love, placing her loved one as her number one priority. Although Toby Leung is very pretty and portrayed an innocent girl in this series, I didn't like her too much. She was too quick to judge Tin Yam. However, when she finds out that the early birth of her child was due to her own stress problems because of trying to balance school and taking care of herself, she forgives Tin Yam and agrees to move back in with him. I felt her acting wasn't too great, but I hope she can improve and impress me one day.

Rebecca Chan as Wong Dak Laan
As a dermatologist, she is a very career-oriented woman. She is strict, independent and self-centered. The decisions need to go her way, regardless of others. Because of her occupation, she is very prejudiced towards men - she believes that all men will either cheat or lie. She looks down upon her husband. Rebecca Chan is very mean and cruel in this series. However, she also learns to forgive Hong Tin Yam because he was responsible for getting herself and her husband back together. Because of her strict ways, her husband tells her he's through with putting up with her. She is shocked and goes into a state of instability. She goes to the construction site that her husband works at to look for him. She is constantly looking for him and worrying about him. It is then that she realizes how much her husband means to her. I have always liked Rebecca Chan, she really knows how to act!

Florence Kwok as Wong Dak Wai
As a special beautician, she likes to look beautiful and is sentimental. She acts foolishly and doesn't restrain herself in the presence of men. She highly opposes her father's "men are superior to women" theory. She believes that women can achieve or do anything they want, without the help of a man. Pursues a fast-pace lifestyle and longs for a romantic relationship. She does not believe in marriage, for she has seen the different marriages around her fail. When she begins dating Rex (Johnson Lee), he wants to get married, she claims that if he loves her, he will respect that fact that she does not want to marry. And he does, which makes her very happy. Florence Kwok has been a great actress in no matter what series. I like her very much and hope to see her more in the future.

Favorite Scene!

When Go Fun received a scholarship to go to New York for school, Sai Hei makes her a 'future diary'. It tells about the baby's first word, and Go Fun's birthday in the future. She is so moved and she loves him so much that she is willing to give up her scholarship to stay with him. I also liked when Ron's new song '金剛' started playing in the background. It is such a good song!


Men in Pain is one of the best series of 2006. The father and son relationship between Damian Lau and Ron Ng was the highlight of the entire series. I love the way they support each other, yell at each other, and love each other. However, I don't think Ron Ng and Toby Leung really match. I loved their story though, and the way they take care of the baby. But I would have preferred it if someone else played the role of Go Fun. Damian Lau and Louisa So's marriage problem began when the series began. It didn't end until the series ended either. They had so many problems throughout the entire series, they fought, they broke up, and they even wanted divorce. I thought it dragged a little bit, but I liked to see them make up at the end.

Ron Ng gets the best actor prize of all the people in the series. He matures a lot in his ways of acting. Maybe because of Damian, I just loved the two of them together. Best actress, I'd say Louisa So, because I really liked her character. The entire story is very special, if you are a fan of La Femme Desperado you will love this series even more, because it completes the human nature! From both series, you will learn one thing: it is hard to be human.

Is it worth watching? Definitely! The producer also put in a lot of humor along with the serious issues, the entire series is enjoyable, entertaining and educating. For all the Ron fans out there, you will love this sreies and you will also learn to love Ron even more! All in all, I rate Men in Pain 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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