Mystery of the Twin Swords II


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Genre:Martial Arts

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11-24-2012 08:50 AM


Great follow up to Mystery of Twin Swords 2.

Cao Thanh Thanh ends up getting kidnapped again. Roger and Dicky end up having to set off to find the amazing ax to set her free of her ankle bracelet, which gets possessed and continues to grow.

Nguyet (Dicky Cheung) ends up developing a love interest with Rain who is actually part bird-species due to her mom. It's interesting because their love keeps getting obstructed by their destiny. I believe they do not end up together.

Another side twist Gordan Lau's role (Yen Phien Thien) who was a notorious player in the first one comes back and ends up getting "whipped" by the pocket-picker prostitute. Lol. She does all these funny things to keep him to herself. I believe he turns into a good guy and fights off the bad guys in here, instead of being a con-artist scammer like the first one.

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