Police Cadet II

Reviewed by: KMD

November 12, 2004

Rating: four

Tony Leung - Cheung Wai Kit
Chow Yun Fat - Cheung Ging Sing
Margie Tsang - Yip How Yee
Jamie Chik - Yip How Lan
Simon Yam - Hon Bun

Brief Summary:
Police Cadet 1985 is the second installment of a three part series. I actually thought that this second part is the best of the three. The first part made in 1984 was also very good. It introduces the characters and shows how the main character, Cheung Wai Kit, struggled in the Police Academy to become a top cop very quickly. The third installment in 1988 is not good at all and the storyline is forgettable.

Cheung Wai Kit is one of HK's top police officers (I think his position was a sargeant). Kit risks his life for his work, which worries his mother to no end. Kit soon leaves his position in HK Police to be a Police Academy instructor due to his mother's insisting.

How Yee and How Lan are both daughters of Kit's former Academy instructor (played by Ng Man Tat). How Lan is the eldest daughter and is a screenwriter for a popular tv soap opera. How Yee is the third and youngest daughter who decided to join the Police Academy because she felt that her parents didn't love her. She ends up being taught by Kit and develops a crush on Kit.

Hon Bun is a high-position cop who is very corrupted. He lives right above from Kit's house and causes many problems to Kit's family and friends. Many of Kit's police colleagues, including Yip Sir (Margie and Jamie's father) do not like him. Bun becomes very attracted to How Lan after seeing her in a restaurant. This, of course, did not go well with Yip Sir. However, How Lan's mother, who is a gold-digger really likes him.

Ging Sing is Kit's uncle who just arrived from China. He studies medicine and was trying to get a doctor's license. Because his brother (Kit's father) would not allow him to live at his place, he has to take odd jobs to pay for rent. Ging Sing dates How Lan much to the disapproval of How Lan's mother.

Ging Sing's dream to be a doctor ended when he was arrested for trying to use counterfiet money after being tricked by a man asking for change. Hon Bun, who looked after his case tricked Ging Sing into admitting that he knew that it was counterfiet money. Bun did not like Ging Sing because he was after How Lan. He was especially displeased when he found out that Ging Sing and How Lan were engaged. However, How Lan calls off the engagement and eventually marries Hon Bun. Ging Sing gets involed with the guy who tricked him with the counterfiet bill and becomes partners with him doing drug dealing.

Kit was very bored at the Police Academy and rejoins the HK Police. Kit dates How Yee and they soon get married. On their wedding day, Ging Sing shows up and surprised everyone with his wealth.

Kit soon finds out that Ging Sing was doing drug smuggling and warns him to stop. Hon Bun tries to make deals with Ging Sing and then try to force Kit into the mess as well. He gives Kit an ultimatum, to either join his plan or arrest Ging Sing. Kit of course refuses to do both.

Hon Bun kills an ICAC cop, who is How Yee's friend and a police officer, and tries to frames How Yee. Thankfully, a man saw Bun at the scene so he was also being investigated. Eventually, How Lan constructs a story in Court and places the blame rightfully to Bun. Bun escapes from the police escort and seeks out How Lan. Ging Sing comes over to How Lan's apartment and kills Bun.

I thought the acting in this serial was top notch.

Tony Leung, once again, was great performing his role. I thought it was cute how he interacts with his stage mother and with Margie.

Margie Tsang looks very cute playing Tony's love interest. They look really compatible together and you can get a sense that they are a real couple.

Jamie Chik was stunning in this series. I think Jamie is one of the most underrated actresses ever. She has the looks, the talent, and the charisma but she seldomly get any starring female roles.

Both Chow Yun Fat and Simon Yam were great in thier respective role and both looked great with Jamie. Simon portrayed other villianous roles before so this was actually a piece of cake for him.

This movie also has actors such as Liu Fong, Carina Lau, Lau Ching Wan, Chan Ting Wai, and I believe a very very young Sunny Chan.

The song was sang by Tony. Although it's not one of my favorite songs, it fits the movie perfectly. I actually like the sub themes sung by Liu Fong better.

Overall, a very enjoyable movie!

Original Images from (Hong Kong Heartbreaker - Chow Yun Fat Copyrighted).

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