Slim Chances

Reviewed by: TVBsquare

February 03, 2008

Rating: four

Main Characters:
Lydia Shum Din Hua - Salina
Fannie Yuen - Margaret (Cat Bone)
Rain Lau - Bo Bo
Annie Man - Crazy Cat
Cheung Chung Kei - So Bang Man (So Man)
Kevin Cheung - See Chi Cueing (Sean)
Cheung King Kei - Leung Tim Kei

What, when, where and who

This series has a very interesting theme. It is about how to fit into your job. Every day people face the challenges of finding a good job that fits them, but how about fitting yourself to the job? You may get better results by looking at it differently.

The main character, Salina, is a very strict person who has contributed much to her company. But her boss does not appreciate her and that leads to her resignation. She starts to look for different kinds of jobs but because of the fact that she is fat and over 40 years old, it is very hard for her to get one even though she is highly educated. But she does not give up and finally, she is able to open her own restaurant business.

Fannie (Margaret), Rain (Bobo) and Annie (Crazy Cat) are three best friends and they all like cats! Fannie and Rain lost their jobs because their company decided to cut expenses by cutting off their department. Annie is an accountant, which makes it no wonder that she is so crazy about money.

Basically, it is about people who lost their jobs and who are looking for a new beginning, as well as learning to fit into their jobs, discovering their talents, etc.


- Love Factor

Annie Man

She is cute and really careful about spending her money. She will go crazy if her money is gone. She is too strict and not so confident of her relationship with her boyfriend (Kevin) and that's why they broke up. Poor girl... But, I like the way how she always goes crazy - very cute!

Cheung Chung Kei

His character, So Man, makes the series a whole lot more enjoyable. His is a very funny character - very good acting on his part. I love the way he speaks because it takes him forever to "squeeze" one sentence out of his mouth! He gets better towards the end, but I still love the way he speaks!

All the couples who ended up together ~.~

Let's begin with So Man (Cheung Kei) and Margaret (Fannie). I guess I like this couple a lot because of the way So Man acts around Margaret. They do not pair up until the very last episode, so hang in there.

Annie and Kevin are great too. They do look cute together because they are both cute! I loved how they were against each other at the beginning but slowly learnt to accept each other at the end. They did break up once, but don't worry, they will end up together.

Rain and Fat De is very funny as well even though Fat De isn't compatible with Rain at all! But you will like the way Fat De does everything for Rain and asks nothing in return. What a great guy!

The songs composed by Cheung King Kei's character

I love all the songs he did. Did Cheung King Kei sing all those? They are very awesome! Especially the one he wrote for his father to say he was sorry. Also, the one he composed to hint to Annie that he loves her - very romantic!


- Cast

Cheung Chung Kei

This guy is great! I have never see him acting before, so this is the first time I'm seeing him on screen, and his acting skills were great! He acts really dumb, slow, reserved and sometimes stupid. His ex-girlfriend is horrible - she asks too much of So Man, but he just kept letting her do whatever she wants! After a while, he finally realises that his ex-girlfriend does not treat him as a boyfriend, so he breaks up with her (good job!) He later falls in love with Fannie while pretending to date her ~.~

- Character

So Man

This character is really funny because he speaks really slow!

Annie Man as the crazy cat

Her biggest concern is how to save money! Every time she loses some money, she goes totally nuts!

- Couple

So Man and Margaret

They will not get together until the very last episode. However you will love the way So Man treats Margaret.

- Scene

Here comes the LONG list:

1. Every time So Man tries to speak.

2. Every time Fannie, Annie and Rain are together.

3. When Tim Kei sang the song for Bobo and Sean - the lyrics were about a girl asking a guy to be her boyfriend. But, Kevin has no feelings towards Rain, so it was really funny.

4. When So Man's father tries to find out everything about Fannie.

5. Every time Annie and Kevin are together. However they did break up...

6. When Salina and Fannie are looking for a place to open up their business together, it's pretty interesting, especially for those who are majoring in business.

7. When So Man and Fannie are pretending to date. I loved the way So Man tries to get Fannie's attention because he is actually in love with Fannie ~.~

8. When Bobo realised she was pregnant with Fat De's child.

9. When So Man and Fannie were watching a movie in the theatre - very funny!


- Character

So Man's ex-girlfriend

She does not treat So Man as a boyfriend at all. She uses him and keeps comparing him to others! Horrible girl!


This is a great series -- very enjoyable, very entertaining, a great cast! I think everybody did a good job in it -- 200 times better than "A Stamp of Love". If you are in a state of unemployment, you need to see this series! You will love it because it is more than just funny, it has a lot of other issues related to it.

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