Split Second

Reviewed by: cutepup

November 29, 2004

Rating: three-point-five

Alex Fong
Patrick Tam
Kevin Cheung
Yoyo Mung
Marco Ngai
Chatchai Plengpanich (Sam)
Sririta Jensen (Rita)

This series begins with an attack that is made on the commissioner of police. The three police officers - Alex, Patrick and Kevin - are on this case. They want to collect enough evidence about the triad's boss Marco, who they think have made the attack. For many years they have been on this case and Patrick has been working undercover.

In Thailand there are two police officers, Sririta Jensen and Chatchai Plengpanich. Chatchai is working undercover. In Thailand there is another triad boss who is the father of Marco. He treats Chatchai like his true son and Chatchai has been following him for many years. Sririta Jensen is helping out on the Marco case. This series revolves around the undercover cops and the police officers trying to find evidence on Marco and his father, and there are many difficult situations that they need to overcome.

Storyline - The storyline of this series was quite good because it was very suspenseful at times. But the thing that made this series awful was that it just kept dragging on and not getting to the main point. There were even times when the audience could guess what would happen. But some of the actors were very good and the plot was also quite interesting in some parts of the series.

Alex Fong- I think that Alex's acting in this series was excellent at the beginning, but towards the end the acting was terrible. His character was completely lost and looked like a cold-blooded murderer. Alex didn't do a good job at this because the sudden change was too quick, so I wouldn't blame him for it since the story was probably written like that. It didn't flow with the series at all. But when Alex was at his unhappiest, he was great. His facial expressions told you exactly what he was feeling.

Patrick Tam - Patrick was quite good in this series. Patrick was very good as the undercover cop because he was very believable as both a good guy and a bad guy. This is what made his acting very convincing. I think he did a great job! He also did a nice job in both the sad and exciting scenes.

Kevin Cheung - In this series Kevin was not very good because he seemed to have the same expression on his face throughout the entire series. This may be because he didn't have that many good scenes, but the best scenes were when he was dealing with his sickness. The others didn't give him much of a chance to show his acting skills, like in 'Hard Fate'.

Yoyo Mung - In this series I didn't like Yoyo's character because she annoyed me so much at the start when she kept following Alex around and caused his daughter to die. But into the middle of the series, she did show how much she loved Alex because she kept on waiting for him at the train station even if he didn't show up. Those scenes were the parts when I found Yoyo's character at her best. I think she did a good job at it.

Marco Ngai - Now there is definitely something good to say about this series. Marco was fantastic as the boss of the triad organisation in this series. He had the scary look to fit his character. Marco did well because the role he played was perfect for him. He acted very well in the sad moments, such as when he thought his father had died, and he could act angry too, when he thought his brother had tricked him. Marco was also very deeply in love with Yoyo, so this was a very interesting love triangle, and Marco and Yoyo's relationship was quite interesting too. I wish he had ended up with Yoyo though, because they seemed like a better couple. He acted much better in this series than in 'Riches and Stitches'.

Chatchai Plengpanich - This actor was also wonderful in this series. He was funny when he acted like a 'wise guy' and he was very good at playing the undercover cop too. He also added some humour and he was very brave. When Alex pointed a gun to his head he didn't seem afraid at all. Chatchai did this very well. I think his accent while speaking Cantonese was very cute too.

Sririta Jensen - I don't think this actress was very important in this series. Her acting was done well, but she seemed like an unnecessary character. There was apparently a love triangle, which included Patrick, Sririta and another girl. I found the love triangle boring because it wasn't expanded as much as Alex's. I reckon Sririta didn't have a fair chance to put her acting skills to test in this series. So I hope TVB will give her a larger role next time.

On the whole, I liked this series mainly because of Chatchai Plengpanich, Patrick Tam and Marco Ngai. I also liked it because of the suspense. I would recommend it to those who like series about triad organisations and undercover cops, because they are a great highlight in this series.

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