Square Pegs

Reviewed by: nic

September 12, 2003

Rating: five

Tapes – 15 (Việt)

Roger Kwok – Dượng
Jessica Hsuan – Lăng Thái Phụng
Winnie Yeung – Bối Quân
Leila Tong – Lăng Thái Điệp
????? - Bao Kế Tôn

Square Pegs tells the story of a person with the mind of a three-year old, named Dượng (Roger Kwok.) He is the son of the Đinh family who sell cakes and bread for a living. Viewers were made to believe that he was born that way. Jessica comes from a decent family. Her mother died early so her father remarried and has a daughter named Lăng Thái Điệp (Leila Tong, who is Jessica’s little step-sister). Roger really likes Jessica, but she only sees him as her little brother. Leila likes this rich guy named Bao Kế Tôn but he only likes her older sister. It’s a bit complicated. It is then revealed that the stepmother had lost a gamble with Mễ Châu Liên (Roger’s mother) who then asked the stepmother to give Leila’s hand in marriage to Roger. The stepmother knew that Roger was a stupid guy and didn't want her own daughter to marry him. So she devised a plan to make Jessica marry Roger instead of Leila. The stepmother told Jessica that her father had been kidnapped and she must marry into the rich Bao family to get money to save her father. Jessica agrees to the marriage even though she doesn’t like Bao Kế Tôn. Then on the wedding day, the brides were switched. Leila went to marry Bao, and Jessica unknowingly went to marry Roger..


Roger Kwok – He did a very nice job,. I really felt sorry for him. His character was very likable and he was so faithful to Jessica. I cried when he stood in the rain to wait for Jessica. He looks kinda short compared to her, so I couldn't see a match there. I think he is good in these ‘dumb’ roles because he seems to have the look for it.

Jessica Hsuan – She is great in these kind of eras. Her character can be a bit bossy towards Roger in the beginning. But I saw that her character was also unbelievable at some point. Okay – if your stepmother and sister banded together to trick you into marrying a crazy guy, how could you forgive them? Even if you could, it would have taken time, but Jessica’s character in here forgave her sister and stepmother in a flash. I'm not convinced that there is a person who is so forgiving in this world. Jessica has had a lot of time in the business, and besides, she had played a similar role in 'The Game of Deceit' in 1998. This role was a piece of cake to her.

Winnie Yeung – She looked kind of old for Roger. I mean, you could see her wrinkles in some of the scenes. I am not going into her character since it might spoil the plot. But despite her looks, her acting was okay. I could not feel her sadness or joy though, maybe she needs a little more work on those.

Leila Tong – I didn't like her character at all. She tricked her own sister into marrying a crazy guy, but she had a kind personality. This was my first time seeing her. She’s okay too, I guess, I just didn't pay much attention to her because she didn't stand out in looks or acting.

Overall – It was a very heart-warming and entertaining series. I was very glad that it didn't drag like most series do, only 15 tapes. Very good storyline and you will enjoy this.

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