The Awakening Story

Reviewed by: Tammy

January 15, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

Warning! Spoilers!

Cantonese Cast List:
Damien Lau as Philip Suen Hok Kei
Liza Wang as Lam Ho Shuet
Louisa So as Susan Chiu Cheuk Lam
Maggie Cheung as Rose Suen Hing Ga
Joe Ma as Fong Sing Heem
Patrick Tang as Stephen Suen Hing Chai
Myolie Wu as Sheung Ping Ping
Tavia Yeung as Suen Hing Yun
Ellesmere Choy as Chan Wing Lok
Lo Yuen Yan as Foon
Lo Hoi Pang as Fong Gam Pang
Law Lan as Guan Sing Nam
Jeung Hak as Dickson Tong Lap Shun
Natalie Wong as Rachel Au Seen Ying
Simon Lo as Kim

Mandarin Cast List:
Damien Lau as Philip Sun Xue Qi
Liza Wang as Lin Hao Xue
Louisa So as Susan Zhao Zhuo Lin
Maggie Cheung as Rose Sun Qing Jia
Joe Ma as Fang Cheng Qian
Patrick Tang as Stephen Sun Qing Qi
Myolie Wu as Chang Ping Ping
Tavia Yeung as Sun Qing Xin
Ellesmere Choy as Chen Yong Le
Lo Yuen Yan as Huan
Lo Hoi Pang as Fang Jin Pang
Law Lan as Guan Sheng Nan
Jeung Hak as Dickson Tang Li Xin
Natalie Wong as Rachel O Qian Ying
Simon Lo as Kim

Character Descriptions:
Philip Suen Hok Kei: He is a proper businessman, who is also kind, fair and reasonable. His wife, Shuet, was hit by a taxi and she was in a coma for 16 years. He has three children, Rose, Stephen, and Yun. For the last 16 years, he has been waiting for his wife to wake up. However, in the last 10 years, he has also been dating Susan, his business partner.

Lam Ho Shuet: She was in a coma for 16 years. When she woke up, she had to learn everything over and adjust to the new surroundings. She later found out about Philip and Susan and wanted a divorce. After the divorce, she worked on her own and became a successful businesswoman.

Susan Chiu Cheuk Lam: Susan has been Philip's girlfriend for 10 years. She loves him dearly and hopes that Shuet will wake up from the coma. However, she is also afraid that when Shuet wakes up, she'll lose Philip. She is also his partner and works with him very closely. She is always insulted by Rose, who dislikes her. She does get along with Stephen and Yun however.

Rose Suen Hing Ga: She is the eldest daughter of Philip and Shuet. She blames herself for her mother's accident because on the day her mother was hit, she threw a tantrum. She thought it was because of her that caused this accident. Since then, she placed a lot of pressure on herself. She was first dating Dickson, her business partner, however, she later broke up with him when she found out he was cheating on her. She later married Fong Sing Heem, a doctor who treated her mother.

Fong Sing Heem: His father, Fong Gam Pang, was the driver who had hit Shuet 16 years ago. Heem didn't have a good relationship with his father because of this accident. However, when Shuet and Philip divorced, Rose moved out and went to him for help. Heem and Rose became good friends and slowly fell in love. He knew that Rose wanted to "spice" up his balcony so he completed her dream. He later got married with Rose.

Stephen Suen Hing Chai: He is the only son of Philip and Shuet. His dream is to become a hair stylist but his father refused to let him become one. Out of the three children, he is the only one who is calm and wise. He volunteers at a salon with his friend Kim. He dislikes the way Kim treats his girlfriend Ping Ping and often helps Kim. He later falls in love with Ping Ping, who broke up with Kim.

Sheung Ping Ping: She is from China and is Kim's girlfriend. She is very soft-spoken and generous. She does everything for Kim, only to find him courting other girls. She finally breaks up with him and helps Stephen complete his dream as a hair stylist. She later falls in love with the generous Stephen, who also loves her back very much.

Suen Hing Yun: She is the youngest daughter of the Suens and is the first one to get married. She is stubborn and unreasonable. She and Rose are sisters but they fight a lot. She wants Rose to loosen a bit. She later meets Wing Lok and fell in love with him. They want to be married but Philip still thinks that Yun is too young to be married. Luckily, Philip loosens up and Yun got married. She got pregnant and gave birth to a son.

Chan Wing Lok: He is the nephew of a therapist who helped Shuet. He first met Yun and thought she was hard-headed. Nevertheless, he fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. Because he was jobless, Philip didn't really like him but he proved to Philip that he was useful and that he was serious about Yun.

Philip and Shuet were going through hard times together with their children. Nevertheless, they both loved each other deeply. Up until he fell in love with Susan, he had loved Shuet very much. Although she was in a coma, he never gave up on her. He was also the one who didn't want a divorce. However, he did divorce her and married Susan.

Time passes and Susan realizes that their relationship is falling apart because he finds himself in love with Shuet. Susan and Philip depart and she goes to Shanghai for the company. At the end, Shuet and Philip never did get together.

Rose was first dating Dickson for some years. However, Dickson was tired of her. She always seemed to focused on herself and never actually cared for Dickson, but in fact, she really loved him. Dickson was also dating Rachel, Heem's former girlfriend who he still liked. Rose didn't really like Heem because his father was the man who got her mother into a coma. His father was the taxi driver that ran her over. But later, they became friends anyway.

Rose broke up with Dickson and he was free to be with Rachel. Meanwhile, Rose was being bothered by her family problems and left her family. Heem allowed her to stay at his house. As time flies by, Rose and Heem fell in love with each other but never bothered to say anything about it. When her relationship with her family was getting better, Rose decided to move out and go back to her house. At this time, Dickson broke up with Rachel. Rachel wanted Heem back. So she moved into Heem's house and kinda annoyed his parents because they liked Rose more than Rachel. Heem came up with a plan: he proposed to Rachel, however, at the same time, Dickson got kidnapped and Rachel was very worried about him. Both Dickson and Rachel realized who they really loved. Heem didn't get married with Rachel since he really loved Rose. So they arrange for a date (for the third time---both didn't make it to the first 2 dates because problems arose on those 2 dates). They arranged to meet in front of a restaurant but the restaurant moved to a new location. Rose couldn't find it and Heem couldn't find her, so they ended up walking aimlessly in the streets. They later catch up with each other at a park. Heem proposes to Rose and she gladly accepts. And soon, they were wed.

Stephen and Ping Ping
No triangle love here! Stephen and Ping Ping started out as friends, working together at the same salon. Stephen didn't like the way Ping Ping's boyfriend, Kim, was treating her. Stephen thought Ping Ping was sweet and caring but she was too scared of Kim. She did everything for this Kim, including helping him with debts, letting him sleep with other girls, etc. Ping Ping finally broke up with Kim and stayed at Stephen's house. At the same time, Stephen falls in love with Ping Ping and tries to tell her but she claims that she wasn't ready for another relationship. So they had some time off. Later, Ping Ping hinted to him that she was ready but he was too stupid to understand her. Ping Ping decided to move out since her family had a new apartment. Rose knew what was going on with Stephen and Ping Ping, so she told Stephen that he should tell Ping Ping how he feels. What he did instead was tell Ping Ping's parents that he loves her which made her nervous. He apologized later for saying it, which made her think that he was only joking. However, Stephen once again confesses his love for her and they began dating.

Hing Yun and Wing Lok
Hing Yun met Wing Lok when she was on her way to her ex-boyfriend's house. She was about to leave when she bumped into Wing Lok and knocked her contact lenses out. So, she couldn't see who she bumped into. Wing Lok picked up a key chain (I think) that was left by her. Some time later, Wing Lok bumped into Hing Yun again, but she didn't know who he was. She finally finds out that he was the nephew of her mother's physical therapist. They started off on very bad terms. Hing Yun went to Nam Ah Island and saw Wing Lok again. She was riding her bike and stopped by to help a kid get his kite off from a tree. The kid got the kite back but Yun couldn't get off the tree. The kid ran away to tell an adult but never came back. She injured her ankle from falling off the tree. Around evening, the kid finally told an adult (Wing Lok) that a woman was stuck up on a tree. He started to search for her and found Hing Yun sleeping on the grass. He sat her on the sidewalk. They started to argue again and Wing Lok pretended to leave. She started crying and Wing Lok came back. Then they did something which caused both of them to be nervous. That was when they had some "feel" for each other. Yun's family came to the island to find her. After her ankle healed, the family spent a day at the island. When they were about to leave, Wing Lok told Yun that he loved her. Soon, Wing Lok proposed to her and she said yes. The problem was that Philip thought that Yun was too young to be married. However in the end, these two did get married. However, during their marriage, they had a lot of arguements but since they really loved each other, they overcame everything. At the end, they had a son.

Favorite Female Character: Rose. She's the strong type but she is really sensitive. I loved seeing her argue with her father about Susan and how she stood up to Susan. She's a courageous person and also an understanding person (in the end). Not many women can be like Rose but the way she treated her mother when her mother was getting divorced was not good. Nevertheless, Rose was a pretty difficult character.

Favorite Male Character: This one would gave to to STEPHEN!!! I love this fella, although his hair doesn't look too good to me. BUT, Stephen is the only one who I consider "unselfish". He was the only child standing by his mother after the divorce. Rose left, Yun spent time with Wing Lok, and he was the only one who was really there for her. I love Stephen for being so dumb especially when he was around Ping Ping.

Favorite Actress: Maggie Cheung Ho Yee. She has always been good at acting. I think her portrayal of Rose was excellent. She played a bossy older sister, yet sensitive and generous. I think Maggie should have won a "Favorite Actress" award for her role in this series.

Favorite Actor(s): Patrick Tang and Joe Ma. Despite the fact that Patrick's hair is ugly, he can act. He doesn't act that well but it's acceptable. The last time I saw him was in "Wars of Genders" as the "goody two shoes" Ah Man. As for Joe Ma, I can see that TVB is trying to promote him more which is good news. It's good that they put him in the series as a good guy instead of the villain.

The theme song is sang by Faye Wong. I think it's slow but it does matches the series quite well. I think the main idea is this: Love yourself first then you will be able to love others. What do you think?

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