The Other Truth

Reviewed by: juphelia

March 06, 2013

Rating: three

I watched The Other Truth and Friendly Fire back to back, and The Other Truth pales in comparison. But it is refreshing to see Ruco Chan in his first lead role.

In this show, Ruco Chan is a brilliant and ambitious lawyer who will go all out to win a case, even using "unorthodox" means as long as he does not break any law. Tavia Yeung is also a brilliant and ambitious lawyer, but unlike Ruco, she prefers to adhere to the law and believes that justice prevail.

The Other Truth deals with cases that have a "grey" area, like there is no clear cut who is wrong and who is right. The lawyers just need to do their jobs, whatever happens next is not within their control.

For instance, Ruco helped an abusive father get off scot free, which he felt he did a good job because he never lost any case. He thought it was right for him to do that. But because of that, the father continued abusing the mother and son, making their lives a living hell. When the father was killed by the son in self-defense, that was when Ruco felt guilty as a lawyer and went all out to help the son, even at the risk of losing his lawyer's license.

Ruco is the lawyer that uses whatever means necessary to win a case. He could go to the crime scene to check, pretends to be a cop or a gangster just to get information. This is all for winning his case. As long as he did not break any rule, he has no qualms doing a bit more no matter what in order to help his client.

His business partner Tavia Yeung disapproves of his methods. For her, everything is law by law. She believes in winning cases because of the law, and not because of the methods used. Hence, when her protege Natalie Tong followed Ruco to get evidence to win a case, Tavia reprimanded her, saying that getting evidence was the police's job and not theirs. However, when she experienced an incident which made her rethink her attitude, she started to become more flexible.

The case that is the most memorable is the one where the Indian was charged for raping the starlet. There is the element of racial discrimination, prejudice, personal vendetta combined into the case. Hence, this case is the most draggy, as the jury's discussion already takes up two episodes. But yet this case is also the most exciting, and I have no regrets watching the whole dragged out episodes. At the end, the jury really made a fair decision, on the facts of the case, and not because the accused is an Indian, whom many Hong Kongers may be prejudiced against, not just because of the race, but due to the social trouble some Indians may cause. I salute that the jury in this sense kept an open mind and tried the case accordingly, so justice was meted out. In fact, I feel the other cases should also showcase more jury's discussion. Kudos to TVB for covering such controversial issues!

I don't like Louis Yuen in this show. His acting I have no complaints, I am just not used to seeing him in such a serious role. I think he suits comedic roles much better.

The other memorable case was that of Ruco's mother. His mother has always been the domineering and controlling kind. He thought because of his mother, that was why his father went to seek out a mistress, whom he felt is kinder and more sincere. Later on it was established that the mistress was the vindictive and vengeful one all along, whereas his mother, despite her bad temper, was actually the long-suffering victim of his father's infidelity. This case teaches that one should not just judge according to the cover and appearance.

I think the title "The Other Truth" really suits this show because whenever a case occurs, whatever is true on the surface may not necessarily be so. There is always The Other Truth behind every story.

The show is not too bad until the ending. I think that is why I prefer Friendly Fire better because the ending is happier, even though it is more run-of-the-mill. In The Other Truth, the ending is more ambiguous. It is an okay show save for the ending, which I think could be done better.

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