The Revelation of the Last Hero

Reviewed by: KMD

November 12, 2004

Rating: four

Aaron Kwok - Lok Fung
Leung Ka Yan - Hok Ling Mon Sun
Frankie Lam - Yiu Lek Hung
Noel Leung - Yiu Zhi Ping
Ada Choi - Ling Seung
Fennie Yuen - Hok Ling Boot Boot

The movie starts off with the duel between Hung Chun and Sze-ma Zhong Wah. Hung Chun was framed by Sze-ma Zhong Wah for stealing a kung fu manual. Yiu Hong Zhi, who is a prophet helps Sze-ma Zhong Wah win the match. Hung Chun's legs were badly injured during the match. Afterwards, Yiu Hong Zhi discovers that the person who actually stole the manual was not Hung Chun and he tries to save Hung Chun who was prisoned in a ship. However the ship explodes and that was the brief introduction.

Lok Fung is an orphan who lives with an old couple. He also works in a paper printing shop and desires to learn kung fu in "Yin Duk San Jong", where Sze-ma Zhong Wah resides. His break comes one day and he is actually a student there. However, he was used only to run errands and many of his martial arts brothers pick on him. The eldest son of Sze-ma Zhong Wah is the only one in the entire school that treats Fung well, but he died early due to some illness. Fung will then be taught by Sze-ma Zhong Wah's kungfu brother.

Yiu Zhi Ping is a young prophet who was newly hired to work in Yin Duk San Jong. She has a crush on Fung because he was the small boy that saved her life when she was a small girl. She's the daughter of Yiu Hong Zhi and was sent to destroy the good fortunes of Sze-ma Zhong Wah. Though Zhi Ping helps Fung out a lot, Fung treats her only as a friend.

Sze-ma Zhong Wah kills his martial arts brother and blamed it on Fung. Fung and Zhi Ping escape together to an island when they were pursued by followers of Yin Duk San Jong. In the island, Fung meets Yiu Hong Zhi and Hung Chun. He will then become Hung Chun's student. Fung realizes that he loved Zhi Ping the most when he thought she was going to die before the age of 20 (as her father predicted).

Ling Seung lives with her mother in a ship that almost represents a Whorehouse. Instead of trading their bodies for money, they do it for kung fu. Fung fell in love with Ling Seung at first sight and names her "Ming Yuet" because he didn't know her name. Fung treats Ling Seung really well and helped her out many times. She eventually falls for Fung. Although Seung is a manipulative woman, her feelings for Fung are real. She saves Fung a couple of times and was extremely jealous when Fung's love changed for Zhi Ping. She later kills herself at the end because her evil husband died and because she felt guilty for what she had done.

Hok Ling Boot Boot is the spoiled and playful daughter of Hak Ling Gao's leader, Hok Ling Mon Sun. At first Boot Boot does not like Fung because he spoiled many of her plans to cause trouble to Yin Duk San Jong. She later has a big crush on Fung because he saved her life when they were stuck at the bottom of some mountain. Boot Boot, as described by Yiu Hong Zhi, is Fung's most perfect match. If she is near Fung, she can protect him from harm. Boot Boot is good friends with Zhi Ping and accepted that Fung only loved Zhi Ping. In the end, Boot Boot ends up with a guy from another country that looks identical to Fung.

Yiu Lek Hung is the son of Yiu Hong Zhi and is Zhi Ping's older brother. Yiu Hong Zhi predicted that Lek Hung will be evil so be abandons him at Gu-Mo Pai. In Gu-Mo Pai, he was always punished by his step-father. When he ventured off into the world, he reunites with his sister to destroy Sze-ma Zhong Wah. Instead, he became evil and kills his step-father and his own father. Lek Hung loves Ling Seung and was jealous of Fung because Ling Seung only loves him. After Lek Hung and Fung kill Sze-ma Zhong Wah, he marries Ling Seung. The couple then try to destroy Fung. He will later be killed by Fung.

The acting by Leung Ka Yan and the three main girls (Noel Leung, Ada Choi, and Fennie Yuen) steals the show. All three gals were exceptional and it's hard to choose which one did the best.

My favorite character, though, is Fennie Yuen as Boot Boot. Her personality is so refreshingly cute and adorable. Her costume is a bit much but she looks really good in it. She's one of the few actresses (along with Barbara Yung, Cecilia Wong, Ada Choi, and Jamie Chik to name a few) that can wear the costume instead of letting the costume wear them.

Noel Leung is one of the best actresses to grace the screen. Too bad TVB was stupid enough to let her go. She played her character really well and she has this baby face that makes her look innocent and sweet as the character she is portraying.

This was Ada Choi's acting debut and she did really well as the conniving temptress. Her hair and costumes are very pretty which makes her stunning to look at. She's one of the few actresses who can carry a villian role well. Her eyes and sharp chin helps with the evil and mysterious look.

Of the guys, Leung Ka Yan is the best. His little antics with his daughter is just soo cute and fun to watch. This is the first time I've seen Leung Ka Yan in this type of role and it's a breath of fresh air compared to his more serious roles of Kwok Jing and Kiu Fung. It truly shows Leung Ka Yan's versitility as an actor.

Frankie Lam's role as Yiu Lek Hung is probably the most interesting. In the beginning, he is supposed to be a naive boy who does not know much about the outside world. I thought Frankie got this part down just right. He was even better when his role starts to turn evil. I thought this was one of his finer performances.

Aaron Kwok is a bit annoying. I know he is supposed to be funny, but he overacts most of the scenes which gets old very quickly! He also did not portray the serious scenes well. I guess his performance was the one negative think I can come up with in this series.

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