The Two Most Honorable Knights

Reviewed by: nguyet_chi

March 08, 2008

Rating: three


* Tony Leung - Siu Yee Yee (Kang Siu Yee)
* Hugo Ng - Fa Mo Kuet
* Shallin Ja - So Yan
* Kitty Lai - Teet Sum Lan
* Miu Kiu Wai - Kang Fong
* Jamie Chik - Yue No

Warning! Some Spoilers!

This series is based on Gu Long's work "Jeet Toi Sheung Kiu". The story opens with Kang Fong and his pregnant wife, Yue No, running away from "Yee Fa Kung". The leader of the Yee Fa Palace wanted these two because she felt betrayed by both of them (she saved Kang Fong's life but he loves Yue No, her maid, instead of her).

On the way, Yue No gives birth to two twin boys. But calamity soon falls on the family when Kang Fong's servant, Kang Kum poisoned him and his wife, and also the people of Yee Fa Palace was able to find them.

So the couple died, but the Yee Fa Kung Jue (princess) is not yet satisfied since she didn't kill them with her own hands. She then decided to separate the twins, one will stay with her while the other will be given to Yin Nam Tin, Kang Fong's sworn brother.

Yin Nam Tin now carries the baby in belief that he's the only son of his brother. He went to a land occupied by weirdos. There, he was tricked and cruelly mistreated by the six (?) weirdos. As a result, he became paralyzed and the baby falls into the hands of the weirdos. Luckily for him, a medicine man of the village offers to "use" him as his "lab rat", so his life was saved.

The weirdos named the baby Siu Yee Yee (Little Fish Kid). They brought him up and taught him every possible way (and tricks) to survive. As he grows older, the kid becomes too mischievous for the village to handle. So now, the weirdos have to let go of Siu Yee Yee and let him go out into the world.

Meanwhile, at Yee Fa Kung, the other baby is brought up as a highly skilled fighter and a gentleman named Fa Mo Kuet. The Yee Fa Kung Jue thinks it's time for him to go out into the world and told him to leave the Palace (along with some other maids to keep an eye on him).

So Siu Yee Yee walks by feet to the nearby towns. On the way, he robbed a horse from a guy who's still riding on the animal. It turns out that the guy is chased by some other people. Siu Yee Yee helps him out by disguising them both as two elders. But eventually, they were caught and the guy is revealed as a girl. She is the feeble daughter named Teet Sum Lan of a general of a nearby country, Che Yuet. The girl who wanted to capture her is the princess of Che Yuet.

To make a long story short, they meet Fa Mo Kuet and became great friends. Ok, let's see, Teet Sum Lan likes Siu Yee Yee because he saved her many times. The princess likes Fa Mo Kuet because he's so good looking and is such a talented gentleman. But that doesn't resolve the conflict between the aggressive princess and Teet Sum Lan. Then they go to Che Yuet trying to clear Teet Sum Lan's father's name, for he was accused of killing the late King.

There, the truth is revealed by Siu Yee Yee's wit. It turns out that the Queen of the late King had an affair with the Royal Brother of the King and the product of their affair is the princess. They killed the King so that they could be together and also for the Royal Brother to become King. The Queen killed herself after her lover and both died in the Royal Court. Oh, one interesting point, the Queen is Yee Fa Kung Jue's sister who also fell in love with Kang Fong (Siu Yee Yee and Wah Mo Kuet's father) and was banished from the Palace because she revealed her love for Kang Fong. Anyway, the princess becomes Queen ruling the whole country.

She released Teet Sum Lan's father. But because Fa Mo Kuet, her crush, refused to stay and rule the kingdom with her, and instead, said that he loves Teet Sum Lan, she orders TSL's father to kill his own daughter. Of course he couldn't do it, so killed himself.

Then Siu Yee Yee went to a place where this woman, Siu Mi Mi, rules the place and men are her "concubines". Because Siu Yee Yee is so good looking, she makes him her "Queen". Kang Yuk Leng, Kang Kum's son is among the unpopular servants there. He has planned an escape for a long time and Siu Yee Yee threatened to reveal it if he won't take Siu Yee Yee with him. Kang Yuk Leng is such a sly guy that wanted to harm Siu Yee Yee many times, but of course, SYY's too smart for that. There they found a deadly kung-fu script and blah blah blah (sorry, I'm just too lazy).

When they got out of there, Siu Yee Yee was handcuffed with Kang Yuk Leng and therefore has to follow him home. There they found some hints about his origin and also that he has a twin (I think) from Yuk Leng's kind grandfather. But beside that, he couldn't find out who killed his parents and so on. He also met Yuk Leng's grandmother but also couldn't get a chance to discover the truth. Then, he meets a beautiful girl named So Yan who knows kung-fu similar to Yee Fa Kung but can counterattack it.

As time goes by, Fa Mo Kuet is made to kill Siu Yee Yee in a battle by the Yee Fa Kung Jue. Siu Yee Yee's kung-fu sucks big time, so So Yan offers to teach him in order to keep his life. He refused to learn, but later was taught by Yin Nam Tin (after he recovered) and so he becomes the best in five minutes! =)

I'm not going to tell you the ending, go get the series and watch it!

This series is not the best I've ever seen. It's just an average one but is worth every bit of your penny. I like the plot of twins who have to kill their own brother, and this goes toward Gu Long's credit. Tony's acting once again is enjoyable and entertaining. Hugo is a bit irritating and is so girlish. I know he's suppose to be Fa Mo Kuet, but that sentimental? Shallin is ok, she's not that beautiful as I've heard people praised her before. Kitty is also ok, although I don't like her character, so weak. The costumes are beautiful, but they're too dragging and overly-exaggerated. I prefer the neat, cute costumes of other 80's series.

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