It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again

Reviewed by: scaree-w

December 03, 2008

Rating: five


The story is a sequel to the big hit, It Started with a Kiss, with the original cast and some new additions. It begins with Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin on their honeymoon, fresh from their wedding. Basically the story is about how both of them learn to become husband and wife, and to really open up to each other. In the process, Xiang Qin, who is still as silly and slow as ever, tries out a few occupations (teaching and nursing) and eventually settles on becoming a nurse, so that she can work with Zhi Shu, who has graduated from medical school. In the nursing school, she meets four other new friends, one of whom (Qi Tai) falls for her. Zhi Shu, still as cold as ever, starts to warm up to the new relationship status, and throughout their marriage, teaches Xiang Qin both academically, and also in life- to learn to live for bigger things (other than for him!). Along the way, he also becomes jealous of Qi Tai and Xiang Qin. As he is apparently unable to understand the emotions within himself, he treats Xiang Qin very coldly, and this causes their marriage to be on the rocks. But at last, they manage to sort things out after Zhi Shu faces up to his emotions and declare his need and love for his wife.

The second part of the story evolves around their work in the hospital. Zhi Shu is then sent to work on another island, leaving Xiang Qin behind. However, their relationship isn't threatened by the distance, and in fact it strengthens with time. Xiang Qin eventually works hard enough to get a transfer, but Zhi Shu returns and the couple reunites.

The last part of the story talks about how Xiang Qin finds out that her eyesight is failing, and the possibility of her (future) kids getting this heritable illness. At the same time, the couple suspects that she is pregnant. Xiang Qin runs away from home as she doesnt want to burden the family, but as always, Zhi Shu manages to find her and assure her that he will always be beside her through this difficult journey. As for whether Xiang Qin is actually pregnant, the ending is up for you to decide.

There are also some short subplots, like Ah Jin and Christine's love story, as well as Ah Bu's and Chun Mei's marriage etc.


Ariel Lin as Xiang Qin
Brilliant, brilliant performance! thumbs up, reallly! She portrayed the slow, silly but determined Xiang Qin with so much depth! Her performance was flawless, and I enjoyed watching her thoroughly. She really shined! Her smiles and laughter are so infectious, and she always seems genuinely happy and genuinely sad. I really love her performance in this show, and I'm glad she won Best Actress becauase she totally deserves it!

Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu
A pretty good performance. He was able to portray the cold, smart Zhi Shu, and I'm glad to see how his character progressed through the show. Great character development, and Joe was able to bring it out well! I love their chemistry, and it's definitely one of the best selling points of this show!

Jiro Wang as Ah Jin
Hilarious to watch. However, it's much like the usual roles that Jiro Wang always plays, so it's nothing really outstanding. But he played it well I think :) Just that he lacked chemistry with Christine.

Ruisha as Christine
The english version of Xiang Qin! She's really pretty! But I think she can't really act too well. Maybe it's the language.

Cong Yang as teenage Yu Shu (3.5/5)
I prefer him to the older Yu-Shu actor though. was kind of sad that they changed him, but I guess it was necessary.

Tang Yu Zhe as Ouyang Gan (4/5)
Very funny to watch! brought out the feminine side of Ouyang Gan well!

Figaro Ceng as Qi Tai (3/5)
Okay performance. I thought he exaggerated some parts though.

Nothing much to say about the rest of the actors/actresses, but just want to acknowledge that Zhi Shu's parents and Xiang Qin's dad were really well played out. Good performances!

Favourite scene:

eps 11: when Xiang Qin cried outside the door- it was such a powerful scene. I cried when she did. I could also feel the emotional turmoil in Zhi Shu as he looked at her and asked her to calm down. in my opinion, this is the best scene ever


Highly recommended! :D Definitely one of my favourite taiwanese dramas. After this show, I've become a fan of Ariel Lin! She is definitely one of the best actresses around because she delivers so much depth to each of her performances (I've watched most of her shows after watching this!) Like her character in real life too :)

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