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Love Contract

Reviewed by: CatchyPhrase August 14, 2006

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Cast: Ariel Lin Yi Chen: Xiao Feng Mike He Jun Xiang: Ah Ken Phyllis Quek: Xiao Yun Zhang Rui Jia: Ah Kai Lai Zhi Wei: Xiao Bai Lin Yi Hong: Mu Tou "Love Contract" is a masterpiece of a drama that brings forth tears and laughter. Both touching and sweet, it leaves behind a beautiful set of tracks, like footprints in the sand. A pair of lovers that are attracted to each other from the start and lose themselves in a...

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04-21-2009 07:49 AM


the ending is very confusing but still the story is so very interesting
Mike and ariel are very good to be together in a drama.,they act cool and hope that they will still have the chance to be a love team again

owen jang

11-07-2008 03:04 AM


it was so loveable and dramatic story, I LOVE IT VERY MUCH(10000x)


09-10-2008 05:56 PM


I thought that Mike and Ariel were great in their roles....but I didn't feel their chemistry. I think it's because every time I started feeling it, her character would do something mean to his (there were just moments of peace between them, otherwise she was angry with him). Even when his mom died, Ariel's character was yelling at him. Ah Ken never seemed to get any relief from the suffering. If it wasn't him trying his best to get the pool opened at school (which never happened), or working hard (and then the bar closes down), or taking care of his mom (and then she dies), or his girlfriend was being mean to him (and then she goes into a coma)...and then he kills himself and her.....aaarrrggghhh!!! Pleeese, for it to end as if it were a fantasy (God-Goddess) romance, no way. I re-watch parts of this series just to watch Ah Ken's character (and his mom/uncle), because it's acted so well. Mike He is not just a handsome face, he's such a good actor.


08-11-2008 06:47 PM


I really find this story so interesting, and Im so happy with the character of Mike and Ariel, especially how their love started ahd how it develops...

But there are some scenes that I think should not be included but overall Its ok, I really like scenes when Mike do funny faces, he's so cute... still I find Ariel so adorable... I also like the episodes 15 to last and all the episodes og Mike and Ariel together... The friendships are so nice....

I just find the ending not to realistic, it should be finihed in a real happy ending...


03-30-2008 07:15 AM


so nice...........
but i love mike and rainie
ariel lin and joe chen

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