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Princess Xin Yue

Reviewed by: TKL August 18, 2004

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Princess Xin Yue (or Princess New Moon) Starring: Yue Ling, Liu De Qi. There is also cameo appearance of Liu Xue Hua as the King's mother. This is another Qiong Yao's series. In the same year, two immoral love series are released: this series, and "Eternal Love II" which seems kinda funny to me. Yue Ling plays the role of Xin Yue, a daughter of a royal general who is fighting a lost war, is urged...

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09-19-2006 12:00 AM


im behind the first wife all the way....if i were her i wouldve killed that girl...hiding behind that kindness of hers when she's taken everything that the family loves...dammit...and she even dared to die leaving her brother all alone? now that's totally selfish....being the obedient daughter i thought she'd put her brother above others...but no...she love comes first didi, might as well find another sister...what a stupid love-story...undying love, yeah right...*smack on your face*


02-21-2005 12:00 AM


i dun think xin yue was being selfish since men at that time were allowed to have many wives. if i dun remember wrongly, xin yue and nu da hai met through some i assumed what the plot must have been was that she probably took very good care for him and hence love developed between both of them.
I remembered clearly that xin yue was the one that was suffering, not the first wife.
In one scene, xinyue had knelt down and was offering tea to the first wife, and she drank it and spat at her..totally humilated xin yue
Initailly when xin yue went to the residence, nu da hai's children hated her but they were slowly bought over by her kindness.
so i dun think that they were that selfish, rather things were difficult for them.

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