Sound of Colors

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March 06, 2007

Rating: five

"Sound of Colors" aired in 2006 in Taiwan and is based on the book with the same name from the famous Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao. The story revolves around the love and tribulations of a blind DJ in a radio statuon, Fu Jing Jing, and a cartoonist, Lu Yun Xiang, played by two very famous and popular Taiwanese actors, Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo respectively.

Compared to a previous adaptation of this book, the content of this TV version of "Sound of Colors" has a thicker plot and more significant changes. "Sound of Colors" is a drama masterpiece that brings tears and meaning of happiness; there is no need to mention the acting by the 2 main leads which is very intense and just awesome.

Ruby Lin as Fu Jing Jing
Wallace Huo as Lu Yun Xiang
Hao Lei as Fu Ming Ming
Huang Meng as Fan Yang
Sun Xing as Cheng Gao
Li Li Qun as Lu Ming Kai

PLOT SUMMARY - Spoilers!!

18 years ago....
When Jing Jing (Ruby Lin) was little, she lost her parents and eyesight in a traffic accident. Soon after that, Jing Jing had a chance to restore her sight because one woman intended to donate her corneas after her death. But her son would not let anyone touch his mother's dead body. Jing Jing was sympathetic with this boy and gave up on this matter in the end. Unfortunately, that young boy was Lu Yun Xiang (Wallace Huo)! In spite of this, ever since childhood, Jing Jing has faced all aspects of her life with optimism.

Fast forward to 2006 - the blind DJ Fu Jing Jing is taking the subway to her radio station, and Lu Yun Xiang, who is having problems at work, also happens to take this subway home. Yun Xiang witnesses someone snatching Jing Jing's handbag and immediately runs after the robber. He not only returns to Jing Jing her handbag but also gives his hand-painted umbrella to Jing Jing as a temporary substitute for her blind stick, which has been broken during this robbery.

Accidents lead to the inevitable. After all the twists and turns, Jing Jing finally gets an opportunity to personally return the umbrella to Yun Xiang. When they meet for the second time, the feeling between them is more intense and the seed of love is rapidly planted. But when Yun Xiang sees Jing Jing home, he meets a very familiar looking Ming Ming (Hao Lei). He cannot restrain himself from recalling the event that happened many years ago and finally realizes that the girl who gave up the chance to restore her eyesight was Jing Jing.

Yun Xiang regrets for his past stubborness. He decides to make a phone call to Jing Jing's call-in radio program and calls himself "Xiao Lu" (a fake name to hide his real identity). During the conversation, he tells Jing Jing about his regret and makes a sincere apology. Jing Jing is greatly touched by this phone call of apology and her radio program suddenly becomes even more popular than it already is. After that call, Yun Xiang realizes that he has fallen in love with her. At the end, he takes courage to tell Jing Jing that he loves her. Jing Jing is moved by it and she tacitly consents.


Ruby Lin / Fu Jing Jing
Though she is blind, Fu Jing Jing is the kind of person who deeply loves life. She is very strong. Whenever people around her worry about her, she insists that she would want to take care of herself. Nothing stops her. After running into Yun Xiang in the busy subway station, her life takes a huge turn. Although her older sister Ming Ming objects to their relationship and Xiao Chen, who one-sidely loves Yun Xiang, discourages her from continuing with Yun Xiang, she is determined to have a happy life with Yun Xiang.

Ruby has gone well beyond all my expectations. She is absolutely fantastic ! I should admit that her acting skill has improved yet again. Her gentleness, her kindness and her sweet voice have all added up to such an enjoyable character to watch. She almost single-handedly makes this a great series with her wonderful performance. In my eyes, her performance has far surpassed the rest of the cast. Like always, Ruby has the most realistic crying scenes I have ever seen. She has really acted the blind girl's part very well. Her delivery, in my opinion, has portrayed almost the entire set of emotions in all of the scenes and carried other actors and actresses through as well. Ruby has made Jing Jing come to life.

Best scene : In the last chapter, when Jing Jing watches the clip that Yun Xiang had recorded before he died.

Wallace Huo / Lu Yun Xiang
Lu Yun Xiang has been under the mistaken notion that his father Lu Ming Kai has had an affair with his working partner Wang You and indirectly caused his mother's death. He has hated his father, given up the luxurious life and grown up in an orphanage. He is not good at expressing himself. Yun Xiang is a person whose innermost feelings are sealed up. No matter how hard his friends have tried, they cannot open him up.

Wallace's acting in this series is better than all of his other series that I have watched before. Yun Xiang is a person of a complex type. He has acted as the cold-blooded and annoyed Yun Xiang very well in the first few chapters. Yet he can also act as the sweet, witty and careful Yun Xiang after he falls in love with Jing Jing. At the first few chapters, his acting does not seem to be outstanding. But Wallace has got better as the story develops, especially when he is sick and dying. Two thumbs up for him!

Best scene : Jing Jing visits him at the hospital (when she does not know that he is sick), Wallace sadly hugs Ruby good-bye. His reaction is almost perfect.

I love the chemistry between Wallace and Ruby in this series. They are incredibly powerful together and they even look like a real couple. This reminds me that love can move mountains and melt the hardest heart of all! Wallace is convincing at showing how much he loves Jing Jing. But it would be more convincing if they use his own voice rather than a dubbed one.

Hao Lei / Fu Ming Ming
Fu Ming Ming is Jing Jing's older sister who is the most efficient advertisement executive in her company. She is the type of person who is very aggressive, competent and of great self-confidence. After her parents died in a traffic accident, she has had to take care of herself and Jing Jing. She treats Jing Jing like a person who is not blind and manages to only offer subtle help where she knows that Jing Jing needs it.

This is the first time that I watched this Chinese actress' TV series. Hao Lei has played Fu Ming Ming remarkably well. Her acting has natural chemistry with Ruby throughout the series. It has never been over-done nor under-done. Hao Lei's acting makes me feel they really have that sisterly bond.

Huang Meng / Fan Yang
He works in the same advertisement company as Fu Ming Ming. He has always been in love with Ming Ming and is always ready to sacrifice for her.

Maybe he is a newbie from China. His acting has not been that great. In the entire series, I feel that his portrayal of Fan Yang is lacking in depth. It may be because his character is a little bit dumb? He is sometimes as expressionless as a piece of wood but sometimes he is okay. It is perhaps not really that bad but he should learn how to react in certain scenes.

Other casts
As far as I know, Sun Xing and Li Li Qun are guest stars in this series, but they are casted for important roles in the storyline. Cheng Gao's (Sun Xing) love for Jing Jing makes me uncomfortable. But apart from that, he has done an excellent job like always. As for Li Li Qun, he plays Lu Ming Kai (Yun Xiang's father) who devotes his time in patching up his relationship with his son, to make up to Yun Xiang for the pain he has caused him. His acting has really broken my heart. He shows the true love of a father to his son. And as for Yun Xiang's two friends, Xin Hua and Xiao Chen, they have shown nothing spectacular. Both of them have failed to capitalize on the significant screen time and chance to perform.

2 main songs are repeated in the entire series: "Listen With Your Heart" and "In Your Eyes".

I believe those 2 songs are composed specifically for this series. The lyrics are perfect fit for the story of Jing Jing and Yun Xiang. Van Fan and Rebecca's powerful voices and wonderful lyrics make this series even brighter.

The background scenery in this series is extraordinary and I often feel as if I were reading an illustration book. Since this series is based on the famous illustration "Sound of Colors", many scenes bring Jimmy's own works to the screen. And also all filming locations have been very well selected except for the hospital room.

1) The editing of some scenes is poorly done;
2) Dubbed voices do not quite fit some characters;
3) It would be great if they have more recollection scenes in the last episodes.

◎ Jing Jing insists that she wants to see Yun Xiang and everyone is making a big deal out of it. Eventually, Ming Ming and Fan Yang cannot arrange for them to meet. Jing Jing meets Yun Xiang near his hospital at night even though they tell Jing Jing that is where Yun Xiang works.

◎ In the last episode, when Jing Jing can finally see what Yun Xiang looks like from the digital camera that Yun Xiang has left for her.

◎ After meeting with Jing Jing in the hospital, Yun Xiang treasures his life much more. He tells his father that he wants to do the bone marrow transplant and apologizes to his father for being selfish.

◎ Jing Jing and Yun Xiang's first kiss scene. So romantic!

◎ Before Yun Xiang passes away, he makes a promise to Jing Jing - 'I will always be with you'.

◎ First scene, while they are walking past each other with lots of people in the background.

◎ Waiting for Yun Xiang, Jing Jing stands in front of the subway station holding an umbrella. People stare at her weirdly for holding an umbrella under the bright sun.

◎ Sisters, Jing Jing and Ming Ming, make up at the bottom of the staircases after a quarrel about Yun Xiang.

◎ Fan Yang and Ming Ming's funny date - Every decision is made by Ming Ming.

◎ During their date, Jing Jing takes a picture of Yun Xiang secretly with her own camera.

I definitely give this TV series 5 stars, and if I were allowed to rate beyond 5 stars, I will give as many stars as possible. Of course this series has some disappointing things such as being a bit slow between episodes 7 and 15, the problem of mediocre editing and some actors' dubbed voices. But the main cast's wonderful acting can more than make up for all those shortcomings.

Among all the recent Taiwan TV series (except funny series based on manga), I must say this is one of the best romance series I have ever watched. I do not think this is an idol drama. This is a deeply romantic story about love, friendship and family. The reason why I like it is that, though it is set at casual places where people just lead their daily life activities, yet such a touching story could happen.

If you just want to laugh like crazy, this series is not for you. However, if anyone really wants a very touching series that could make you cry and feel what true love is, you must see this series! This 23-episode series has shown a true love story and many unforgetable moments. An absolutely beautiful romance!

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