State of Divinity

Reviewed by: Tammy

March 25, 2008

Rating: five

Starring: Richie Ren, Anita Yuen Wing Yee, Vivian Chen Da Rong, Tatmun Song, Lau Shuet Wai, Suen Hing, Chen Sasa

This story has been remade so many times. I must say that the TVB versions are worse than this one (No offense but the martial arts are much better, not that much computer graphics are used.) Though this series was sold to TVB, it was filmed in China. The whole thing is in Mandarin but it has subtitles that you can read.

Pop singer Richie Ren stars as Ling Wu Chong, the disciple of Wah Shan. He first loves his master's daughter Ling Shan (Vivian Chen). But when newcomer Lam Ping Chi (Tatmun Song) arrives, Ling Shan falls for him. Then Ling Wu Chong meets Yum Ying Ying (Anita Yuen). Though Ying Ying and Wu Chong fall in love, Wu Chong still remembers Ling Shan and still misses her.

Tung Fong But Bai (Lau Shuet Wah) is killed by Ying Ying's father Yum Ngor Hung. Once again he becomes the master of Yut Yuet Sung Kau. Ying Ying at first doesn't like her father that much because she remembers how he killed her mother.

Ping Chi finds out that his master Ok But Kwun (played by ???) learned his family's martial arts. He thinks up a plan to kill him. Ling Shan is married to Ping Chi, but when Ping Chi tells everyone about his master stole his family's martial arts, Ling Shan is so upset.

Ling Shan gets sick, Wu Chong and Ying Ying takes care of her. Ying Ying believes that Wu Chong only loves herself, so she lets him take care of Ling Shan. But she finds herself jealous of Ling Shan! When Wu Chong finds out that she is jealous and wants to leave, he makes the descision to let her go. But when she leaves, he remembers all the special times he and Ying Ying had so he said to Ying Ying that he only has Ying Ying in his heart.

The TVB version with Jackie Lui, Cherie Chan, Fiona Leung really is terrible! I mean, Jackie Lui looks better in modern series than in ancient ones. This Mandarin version is better. Richie's one of the most popular singers in Taiwan, plus pretty girls Anita Yuen and Vivian Chen make the movie better.


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