The Ghost Husband


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The Ghost Husband

Reviewed by: TKL August 18, 2004

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Plum Flower Trilogy include three series: 1. "The Tatooed Flower" starring Vivian Chen and Steve Ma 2. "The Ghost Husband" starring Yue Ling and Li Zi Xi. 3. "Between Cloud and Water" starring Vivian Chen and Steve Ma. "The Ghost Husband" is set in the early period after Ching Dynasty. Like any other Qiong Yao’s stories, it is about unrequited LOVE, fate and destiny. The series begins with the Yuan couple on their way to their sister’s house....

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01-21-2008 05:18 PM


TKL's review is so hilarious, especially the AWARD section. I enjoyed reading it.

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The Ghost Husband


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