Reviewed by: Adel

December 26, 2005

Rating: three

a.k.a. Tomorrow Ai Qing Bai Pi Shu (White Lovebook)

Shawn Yue as Ou Yang Gua Ju
Rainie Yang as Yuan Cheng Mei
Fan Wei Qi as Ji Xing Hua
Peng Yu An as Ju Shou Zhi
Li Yuan Bo as Zhao Song Gang

Ou Yang Gua Ju lives in an orphanage until he turned eight. He is then raised by a single mother and he works in various odd jobs to help finance his studies. He aspires to finish his university education so that he can move on with a better life. He is a man with few words. Because of his background, he tends to withdraw from people and not mix around very well. He has a liking for Cheng Mei.

Yuan Cheng Mei is a gymnast from her high school. She has a cheerful personality. She wants to quit from gymnastics and go to university to lead a normal life like the rest of the people. She desires to taste life outside of gymnastics.

Ju Shou Zhi is Cheng Mei's high school schoolmate. He comes from a good family background with his father being a reputable lecturer. He is under tremendous pressure from his family to excel in his studies but he is rebellious against his father. He too likes the sweet- looking Cheng Mei.

Gua Ju works as a part-time cleaner in Cheng Mei's high school. On a particular night, he happens to witness Cheng Mei falling during one of her training sessions. Without second thought, he carries her and rushes her to the hospital. Before Cheng Mei regains consciousness, he leaves the hospital.

Gua Ju, Xing Hua, Ju Shou and Song Gang are from the same tuition centre. Cheng Mei decides to receive tuition at the same centre, thinking that it may help her get into the university. Gua Ju is pleasantly surprised to see her there and Ju Shou introduces her to his friends. Someone puts a rose and a gift card on Cheng Mei's desk, asking her out on Christmas Eve. Cheng Mei is excited about the date without knowing that the card is actually from Gua Ju.

She waits in vain at the meeting place. Gua Ju is held up at home by his mom. By the time he gets there, Cheng Mei has left. Gua Ju cycles around the area and finds two hooligans bullying Cheng Mei. He goes to her rescue and comforts her upon seeing that she is crying in shock. They proceed to a food stall to eat dessert. Cheng Mei gives a bell to Gua Ju wishing him all the best in his dream to enter university. She actually received the bell from a Santa Claus earlier on while waiting for him. A sexily dressed lady, Shi Hui, appears at the stall and introduces herself as Gua Ju's girlfriend. Upon hearing this, Cheng Mei wishes Gua Ju Merry Christmas and leaves the place. At home, Cheng Mei's sister informs her that their mom is hospitalized and they have to leave immediately. Cheng Mei leaves her home without bidding farewell to her friends. Gua Ju and the rest are puzzled about Cheng Mei's sudden disappearance.

One year later, Cheng Mei finally gets a place in the university. She meets the four of them in the university and they are pleasantly surprised to know that she has entered their university. The four of them have formed a group called Tomorrow in the university and they invite Cheng Mei to join them. On one occasion, the five of them decide to go on an outing with the objective of making paper lanterns with their wishes written on them and release the lanterns into the sky. Ju Shou wishes that Cheng Mei will love him. They later draw lots to assign two people to go get the food stuffs. It ends up with Gua Ju and Cheng Mei being drawn to run the errand. Gua Ju asks Cheng Mei if she will accept Ju Shou if he woos her. Cheng Mei remains silent. While she moves towards Gua Ju with the intention of helping him with the food, Gua Ju suddenly grabs her and kisses her. Cheng Mei is shocked and struggles to break free. She tells Gua Ju that this is her first kiss and he should not have toyed with her. Gua Ju walks away quietly.

Back to school, Cheng Mei realizes that Gua Ju is very popular among the girls. Ju Shou asks Gua Ju what kind of girl he likes. Song Gang interrupts and says that Gua Ju likes cute-looking girls with big eyes and who look good in mini-skirts. Xing Hua teases Cheng Mei being the one. Cheng Mei nervously says that Gua Ju cannot possibly like a girl like her. Gua Ju smiles and teases Cheng Mei that she is like a high school girl, too childish. Cheng Mei angrily defends herself saying that she may have a childish face but she is not under-developed in other parts of her body. Upon hearing this, the group of friends cannot help but laugh at her.

Cheng Mei gets to know that Gua Ju is working in a night club. She is disappointed and asks Gua Ju if he will leave this job for Shi Hui. Gua Ju tells her that he will hold on to this job. Due to some misunderstanding that Gua Ju is involved with an older woman, Cheng Mei shows her unfriendliness towards Gua Ju in school. Gua Ju stops her in the school library and demands an explanation from her. He holds her against one of the book shelf and attempts to kiss her. Cheng Mei reminds him that he has a girlfriend already and she does not want to be his spare tire or a toy. She hesitates but kisses Gua Ju on his lips saying that he is a toy to her too.

Cheng Mei finally realizes that she has wronged Gua Ju and the woman in question is actually his mother. She apologies to him. Gua Ju invites her to a movie and tells her that he was serious that night when he kissed her. Cheng Mei is delighted. Gua Ju's friend bumps into them and wants Gua Ju to go to Shi Hui's rescue because she has got into a fight. Gua Ju asks Cheng Mei to wait for him at a food stall for thirty minutes. If he does not appear by then, she will go home. Gua Ju gets Shi Hui out of the fight and brings her home. Thirty minutes have passed and he has decided not to go back to the stall. Sitting outside his house, his friend passes by in his motorbike and tells him that he saw Cheng Mei still waiting for him at the stall. Upon hearing this, Gua Ju rushes to the stall. He sees Cheng Mei and Ju Shou having fun at the food stall. Gua Ju feels that Ju Shou is a better guy for Cheng Mei and encourages Cheng Mei to accept Ju Shou. Cheng Mei is disappointed.

Ju Shou officially tells Gua Ju that he will be wooing Cheng Mei. Gua Ju reluctantly agrees. Each time when Gua Ju sees the two of them together, he feels pain in his heart but he has no one to blame because he has chosen to give her up in the first place. Gua Ju goes to see Cheng Mei. He asks her if she would give him another chance. Cheng Mei cries and says that he will not stand a chance, at least she is 99.9% sure. Gua Ju tells her that he will use that 1% chance to win her back. They embrace.

Ju Shou wants to bring Cheng Mei to a vacation during his birthday. He is all excited about it. He even brings a condom for the trip. Xing Hua and Song Gang check his bag and find that pack of condom. Xing Hua scolds Shou Zhi for planning to take advantage of Cheng Mei. When Cheng Mei walks into the room, Xing Hua tells Cheng Mei about the condom. Cheng Mei is nervous but she keeps silent about it. When alone, Gua Ju asks Cheng Mei if she must go to this vacation with Ju Shou. Cheng Mei replies that she does not want to disappoint Ju Shou as she has already promised him. Gua Ju tells her that he has quit his job at the nightclub and he is going to beak up with Shi Hui. He wants to meet her at the park that night. Cheng Mei tells him that it is impossible because she will not be back for three days. Gua Ju replies that he will wait for her no matter what. Upon reaching the beach resort with Ju Shou, Cheng Mei says sorry to Ju Shou and wishes him happy birthday. She heads back home. Cheng Mei goes to the park and sees Gua Ju. Gua Ju brings her to her high school and tells her that he is the one who saved her four years ago during that accident. Cheng Mei is touched. Gua Ju wants to bring Cheng Mei to his home. Cheng Mei agrees and tells him that she belongs to Gua Ju from that moment onwards. The next morning, Cheng Mei awakes beside Gua Ju. She turns away from him shyly. Gua Ju smiles and asks if she has regretted. Cheng Mei tells him that she will never regret.

Gua Ju and Cheng Mei are dating finally. The rest of the friends are happy for them except Ju Shou but he still wishes them all the best. Things do not work out well between Gua Ju and Cheng Mei. Cheng Mei is too possessive of Gua Ju and Gua Ju is too used to his loner lifestyle that he finds it unbearable for Cheng Mei to control his every move. Song Gang meets with a car accident and dies. Xing Hua is devastated because she is pregnant with his child. She decides to keep the baby and gets the support from the friends.

Gua Ju left for Japan to further his studies while Cheng Mei stays in Taiwan. Cheng Mei visits Gua Ju in Japan after saving up some money. The trip ends up to be the end of their relationship when Cheng Mei finds out that Gua Ju has lied to her about a woman, Wei Jing, who has been to his house. She left Japan with a note telling him that she will let him go.

Four years later, Gua Ju returns to Taiwan. Cheng Mei and Xing Hua are staying together with Xing Hua's son, Xiao Liang. Ju Shou is now a busy film director. When Cheng Mei meets Gua Ju again, she realizes that she has never forgotten about him. Gua Ju feels likewise too. However, he is already dating Wei Jing. Cheng Mei decides to give herself and her boss, Qiu Ting, a chance to start a relationship. Ju Shou and Gua Ju try to talk her out of it because Qiu Ting is known to be a flirtatious man. However, Cheng Mei goes ahead and dates Qiu Ting.

Wei Jing lies to Gua Ju that she is pregnant with his child. Gua Ju decides to marry her. Cheng Mei is heartbroken upon knowing this and she decides to accept Qiu Ting's marriage proposal. Gua Ju is struggling emotionally because he knows he likes Cheng Mei but he is not confident to give her happiness. And on the other hand, he has to be responsible towards Wei Jing. Wei Jing finally admits to Gua Ju that she lied about the pregnancy. She leaves him reluctantly. Gua Ju takes up his courage and proposes to Cheng Mei. Cheng Mei agrees.

I dislike the character of Gua Ju who seems so weak and indecisive. He is not taking control of his life but sways along with the various circumstances that take control of his life. Besides his supposedly good looks, I do not understand what is so attractive about this man. Shawn Yue portrays the role of Gua Ju pretty well with his cool looks and that forever sad expression.

This is the third drama that I have watched with Rainie Yang as one of the main cast. She looks a little chubby in this drama but looks a lot better than in her role as Xiao You in "Meteor Garden". I still like her best in "Devil Beside You". As Cheng Mei, I do not feel very much for her character. I can see the innocence of Cheng Mei but I am not at all touched by the struggles she faces with Gua Ju. The various breakups between them seem to say that they have no trust between them. I begin to wonder if they should really be together with such shallow feelings. Even until the end of the drama, I cannot feel the intensity of their love for each other.

This entire drama seems to revolve around only the five personalities. There is no plot. It did not even bother to expand the story of Xing Hua's liking for Gua Ju or the part where Song Gang is getting all confused about her feelings for Gua Ju. How can it be exciting when all viewers get to see is a couple getting together, breaking up, getting together again, then break up again? gets on my nerves after awhile.

Watch only if you want to see the cool looking Shawn Yue.

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