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Book and Sword

Reviewed by: 12_reviewer April 05, 2008

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

The act of criticism is an act of distortion and of late, I had been viewing most productions from the same perspective - faulting them for a lack of originality and for lousy acting. In my most recent review 'Return of The Cuckoo', I had such fun with my new rating system that I mentally distorted some television productions to best fit the rating and rather unfairly rated them on that basis. This does...

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Book and Sword

Reviewed by: CMU_Wasabi December 06, 2003

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Cast (CN: China, HK: Hong Kong, TW: Taiwan, SG: Singapore) Zhao Wen Zhuo(CN) as Chan Ka Lok/Chen Jia Luo Esther Kwan Wing Ho(HK) as Fok Ching Tung/Huo Qing Tong Rachel Ngan Wing Sze(HK) as Princess Fragrance Keshili Chen Chao Yong(TW) as Emperor Tse Kwan Ho(HK) as Yu Yu Tong Sun Li(CN) as Lee Yuen Chi/Li Yuan Zhi Joey Leung Wing Chung(HK) as Tsui Tin Wang/Xu Tian Hom Kym Ng(SG) as Chow Yee/Zhuo Qi Guo Liang(SG) as Cheung Chiu Chung/Zhang Zhao Zhong Ray Lui Leung...

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04-02-2006 12:00 AM


My favorite couple in this series is also Yu Yu Tong and Li Yuan Zi. It's just too sad they both die in the end. Talking about Yuan Zi, I don't understand how on earth her father, a high rank officer in the Ching government, be NOT affected by his daughter's marriage to someone in the Red Flower Society? His entire family could be killed according to the rules at that time. This is a serious flaw in the story. But overall, it's still very enjoyable to watch.


08-22-2004 12:00 AM


This production, I have to say, was one of the best productions I've ever experienced in watching! I really liked it, until it came to the scenes with Princess Fagrance. I hated her! The people who wrote this series (although this was true in history) should've just given her to Qian Long. She totally took Zhao Wen Zhuo away from her sister. But who am I to change the history, eh? I thought the people who filmed this production did a really good job of picking the characters. Such as Tse Kwan Ho for fourteenth brother and Sun Li as Li Yuanzhi. I am really looking foward to finishing the series. So far, I am only on the 5th tape.

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