Princess Xin Yue

Reviewed by: TKL

August 18, 2004

Rating: one-point-five

Princess Xin Yue (or Princess New Moon)

Starring: Yue Ling, Liu De Qi. There is also cameo appearance of Liu Xue Hua as the King's mother.

This is another Qiong Yao's series. In the same year, two immoral love series are released: this series, and "Eternal Love II" which seems kinda funny to me.

Yue Ling plays the role of Xin Yue, a daughter of a royal general who is fighting a lost war, is urged by her father to take care of the little brother. She and her brother run away but her whole family is killed. She and her brother are then saved by Nu Da Hai (Liu De Qi), the hero of the series. He is a highly respected General with a wife and two children who are about same age as Xin Yue. Xin Yue is adopted by the King's mother so she becomes a "ge ge". The King's mother thinks that it's best for her to have a normal family life now she is an orphan. Therefore, she and her brother move into the General's House which is famous for its loving and caring environment. Little does she knows that Xin Yue will be the one who breaks up the family. Since being saved by Nu Da Hai, Xin Yue has fallen helplessly in love with him and he is soon won over by her beauty and I-have-no-idea what else (to me, Xin Yue does not seem to have any special qualities). To complicate things further, the son also falls in love with Xin Yue.

This series has many annoying factors. Firstly, that would be Xin Yue herself, she is a completely heartless, selfish, and irresponsible girl. The family opens their arms to take her in, sees her as one of the family member, especially the wife and she repays them by taking their husband, their father away. She turns father against son, and changes the man she loves from an honorable, respected, responsible man into a person who is blinded by love. And why is she crying all the time in the series? What else does she want? She got the man after all, I thought she should be satisfied. The one who should be crying is Nu DaHai's wife.

Secondly, that would be Nu Da Hai, who is as old as Xin Yue's father and he could not control himself. He seems to be filled with guilt all the time but he still spends time with Xin Yue. He has absolutely no feelings and consideration for his wife and children. Thirdly, that would be the ending. Xin Yue displays her selfish self in this scene. She does not even think about her little brother who would not have relatives left. She forgets her father's plea to her to take care of her brother. She forgets why she was not allowed to die with the whole family died because she was the one who would be responsible of taking care of her little brother, who is the only son left in the family.

However, the tension between the characters is quite engaging, especially between Xin Yue and the wife. Though I like Qiong Yao's works, this series hasreally disappointed me.

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