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Snow Angel

Reviewed by: sukting September 15, 2008

Rating: 2.0 out of 5

How long 20 episodes Foreword Do you believe that a snow angel exists? It represents sweet dreams. This is ex-energy member, Toro’s debut serial and if you crave for more of Yan Xing Shu’s appearance after ‘MVP valentine’, this serial is able to satisfy you. It was so coincidental that Xing Shu injured his leg again so that he could make time for this serial. After this serial, he decided to retire from the basketball court (what a pity!) because of age, injury...

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Snow Angel

Reviewed by: plum_stars November 04, 2004

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

(Xue Tian Shi - Snow Angel) This is one of the slower Taiwanese dramas that I have seen, with a slow introduction to the characters. The plot of the drama was obvious as the theme song played: namely a love triangle between two brothers and a girl. Ji Teng (Toro) plays the younger brother of Xin Feng, who was thought to have drowned while they tried to escape from an orphanage from hell. This incident...

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04-29-2011 12:06 PM


can someone tell me the real name of lin zhao ting in snow angel? thx...^^


12-19-2008 05:22 AM


I have watched it for 3 times, and I liked it. Very. I also like Wang Le Ai, the ending song. But you know, I still dissapointed with the ending.

WHY did Xin Feng must die? I think he already get a good ending with Elaine.

WHY did Ji Teng must lost his mind, and Xiao Tong have to married with Xin Feng?

Well, there is one thing I learnt from this drama: Life is so unfair.


03-06-2008 02:33 PM


is this drama good?


10-15-2005 12:00 AM


actualli.i find the story okay.i find jitens and xuetong love very cherishable.but the worse thing is that in the end ,xuetong and jiteng did not end up being together ..i tot after the long wait ,they wil b together ..i was quite disappointed ..frankly said .i would rather they die together when they were jumping off the cliff least they are together..holding hands and die together .isn't tt better?

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