Wu Chun 吳尊

Wu Chun


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吳吉尊 / Goh Kiat Chun
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October 10, 1979
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Actor, singer, model

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Wu Chun, also known as Wu Zun, is one of the members of the popular Taiwanese band group Fahrenheit (飛輪海). He is of Taiwanese descent and was born in Brunei. Originally a model in Singapore, Wu Chun debuted in his first Taiwanese drama in "Tokyo Juliet" in 2006 alongside Ariel Lin. However, it was not until he starred in another Japanese manga adaptation in 2007, "Hana Kimi", with S.H.E's Ella that he gained mainstream popularity.

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Sunny Girl 2011 as Di Ya Xin (Taiwanese Dramas)

Hot Shot 2008 as Wu Ji Zun (Taiwanese Dramas)

Hana Kimi 2007 as Zuo Yi Quan (Taiwanese Dramas)

Romantic Princess 2007 as Nan Feng Jin (Taiwanese Dramas)

The X-Family 2007 as Huo Yan Shi Zhe 火焰使者 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Tokyo Juliet 2006 as Ji Feng Liang (Taiwanese Dramas)

KO One 2005 as Tian Hong Guang 田弘光 KO. 1 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Wu Chun News:

Wu Chun Celebrates 35th Birthday; Son Calls Him 'Dad' for the First Time
Chinatopix - Oct 14, 2014

Brunei-born Taiwanese singer and actor Wu Chun throws a huge bash for himself and his family last Friday, October 10, to celebrate his 35th birthday and revealed that his 1-year old son finally called him 'Dad'. Wu, who shared the same birth date with ...

Wu Chun & Daughter Show Their Cute Love In “Dad Is Home” [FULL]
247 Asian Media - Apr 25, 2014

It was revealed last week that Wu Chun and his daughter Nei Nei will be taking part in China's reality show Dad Is Home. The show will depict how male celebrities interact with their child, the various activities they do and how they communicate with ...

Wu Chun Heavily Criticized For Exposing Daughter On “Dad Is Home”
247 Asian Media - Apr 27, 2014

With the recent broadcast of the first episode of Dad is Home, Wu Chun is receiving much criticism from viewers. The show depicts the life of celebrity fathers and their children. In one of the scenes, Wu Chun was helping his three-year-old daughter ...

REVEALED: Singer Wu Chun and his wife's extremely privileged backgrounds
Malaysia Chronicle - May 11, 2014

Wu Chun's explosive debut with the Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit in 2005 had some sacrifices. To protect his image and his family in Brunei, he had to deny that he was dating Lin Li Ying, his longtime girlfriend and later wife. It was Li Ying who told ...

Find Out The Reason Why Wu Chun Left Fahrenheit
247 Asian Media - May 21, 2014

When Wu Chun announced his leave from the Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit in June of 2011, speculations arose that he and the members, Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, and Calvin Chen were on bad terms with each other which caused his departure from the ...

Energy Kitchen to Spur Healthy-Eating Culture Among Bruneians
The Borneo Post - Nov 1, 2014

The founder of restaurant, Wu Chun said the restaurant use only fresh ingredients, particularly local foods with extremely high nutritional content and utilise lighter cooking methods such as grilling, steaming, baking and poaching. Also presents at ...

Brunei looks towards youth engagement in national building
GlobalPost - Nov 17, 2014

These speakers include Atikah Rumaizah, president of Youth Association, Wu Chun, international celebrity and owner of Fitness Zone, Hiro Thien, founder of SocialBuzz Advertizing, Narizzatul Izzah, secretary of Human Development Association (KESAN) as ...

Wu Chun And His Adorable Daughter Take Part In A Chinese reality TV show
247 Asian Media - Apr 17, 2014

Brunei-born Taiwanese star Wu Chun shocked the fans when he announced late last year that he was a father to a two-year-old girl. It came as a shock to many because no one knew anything about his wife, whom he had dated for 18 years. Not waiting for ...

Son on the way for Wu Chun
The Star Online - Oct 3, 2013

MOVIE idol Wu Chun has revealed that he wed in 2009, had a daughter the next year and is having a son this month. He shared all that at his press conference for his book Ignite Courage yesterday, and one day after he said on his blog that he is a dad, ...

China's reality tv pulls viewers, draws A-list celebrities like Francis Ng, Wu ...
The Straits Times - Sep 11, 2014

Consider Wu Chun, the Brunei-born pop prince turned actor who has not shown up on the big screen since the Hong Kong movie Saving General Yang last year. However, from April to July, he appeared as himself - armed with baby wipes and wrangling with ...

Fans feel deceived after heartthrob Wu Chun confesses he's a dad
What's on Xiamen - Oct 4, 2013

The Bruneian heartthrob dropped another bomb following his shocking confession on Tuesday about his marriage and parenthood. At his book launch press conference in Taipei yesterday, Wu Chun announced that his wife of four years is pregnant again ...

Wu Chun: Natural born looker
AsiaOne - Apr 7, 2013

As the female emcee at the film's gala premiere in Singapore last Saturday put it succinctly, drawing screams from Wu Chun's fans in the crowd: "I suggest that you ladies try to control yourselves when you watch the opening scene where Wu Chun is ...

Why stars hide their marriage
AsiaOne - Oct 11, 2014

American Mandopop singer Anthony Neely last week revealed he has been married for the past four years with a three-year-old daughter. But other celebrities, including actor Andy Lau and singer Wu Chun, have also kept their marriages secret.

Father again! Heartthrob Wu Chun welcomes baby son
What's on Xiamen - Oct 14, 2013

"Little Chun has come to this world. The date? My managers chided me for revealing too much, haha!” said Wu in a message to his fans early Monday. "They want me to keep Little Chun's birth date a secret, because fortune tellers will try to predict ...

Actor Wu Chun is happy being a hunky heart-throb
Straits Times - Apr 8, 2013

The first scene in the new period action movie Saving General Yang has two hunks showing off some major skin. A few minutes in, and the characters played by Brunei-born heart-throb Wu Chun and Chinese actor Fu Xinbo are seen topless and kneeling ...

Wu Chun on love and rumours
AsiaOne - Jul 25, 2011

It must be hard being Wu Chun. Since he shot to fame with Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit, the 31-year-old Brunei native has risen to become one of the brightest stars in Chinese showbiz, but that fame and popularity comes with a price. For one, he is ...

Wu Chun: I'll get married tomorrow
AsiaOne - Sep 17, 2011

"Why don't I get married tomorrow?" joked Taiwan-based idol Wu Chun, in response to rumours that he is secretly married. The former member of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit was reported to have married his high school sweetheart of 15 years in 2009, ...

Wu Chun taking 'Brunei to China'
AsiaOne - Jun 8, 2012

BRUNEI - Wu Chun, international movie star and owner of Fitness Zone safely arrived back to the Sultanate with members of Men's Health China in tow. On hand to welcome the representatives from the international fitness magazine and Wu Chun at the ...

Wu Chun, Kobe Bryant team up in Basketball to raise money for charity
The Borneo Post - Aug 25, 2012

SHANGHAI, CHINA: Borneo Bulletin revealed that Wu Chun, the superstar in Asia who was born in the Sultanate, may also be the only Bruneian to have played basketball on the same team with Kobe Bryant, an NBA star and gold medallist in the London ...

Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit's Wu Chun secretly married
AsiaOne - Jun 17, 2011

Sin Chew Daily reported that one of the members of popular Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit, Wu Chun, had secretly married. Wu Chun and his wife has a four-month-old daughter from the marriage. A Hong Kong magazine reported that his 31-year-old wife ...

Wu Chun: Ekin Cheng is like a big brother
AsiaOne - Dec 7, 2011

Brunei-born heartthrob Wu Chun says he had a good time working with equally dashing actors Ekin Cheng, Raymond Lam and Vic Chou on the set of period epic Saving General Yang, another remake based on the heroic tale of the loyal and fearless Yang ...

Cancer-Stricken Woman Wins Big Award in Talent Show
Women of China - Jun 30, 2014

When introducing Feng Ying, 'Dream Envoy' Wu Chun said he was unwilling to shed tears, but he could not control himself as soon as he heard about her stories. "She is facing everything with smiles. Her smiles make us feel that the whole world is full ...



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