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Wang Kai (王凯)

a short interview about WK Lol, his parents are quite funny^^ read more

Posted on Nov 19 2015 | 11:13am

Eddie Peng (彭于晏)

---Quote (Originally by Qin_Shu_Bao)--- I'm glad that Eddie's continuing to fare well as an actor. The man's devoted to his work. I recently started watching Da Mo Yao. The last time I saw an Eddie Peng performance was his Yang Qi Lang in Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang. He is marvelous in all his... read more

Posted on Oct 23 2015 | 6:53am

The Best Monkey King Actor?

---Quote (Originally by Nan Ling)--- I think Liu Xiao Ling Tong is probably the best monkey king. =) ---End Quote--- Definitely the best. read more

Posted on Oct 13 2015 | 2:49pm

Zhu Xiao Yu (朱晓渔)

Love from Argentina. Attachment 10100 ( Love. read more

Posted on Oct 7 2015 | 3:22pm

Luo Jing (罗 晋)

How come no one is talking about him :( ??? read more

Posted on Oct 2 2015 | 12:35am

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