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Yuan Hong (袁弘)

Image: Image: Image: Image:... read more

Posted on May 24 2015 | 2:06am

Stephen Tung Wai

I think he is in Taiwan now. I thought he was really good actor. Played his role well in smiling proud wonderer. He was very funny in young heroes of shaolin. I think he was more popular in the late 70s and early 80s. read more

Posted on May 3 2015 | 1:30pm

Alec Su (蘇有朋)

what? nobody loves alec anymore? read more

Posted on Apr 24 2015 | 3:05am

Julian Cheung Chi Lam (張智霖)

Just rewatch mystery of the condor hero, Julian so cute there. read more

Posted on Apr 13 2015 | 1:18pm

Chen Xiao (陈晓)

hey guys i need some help looking for the lyrics for this mv, it's one of the ost from romance of the condor heroes sung by chen xiao and michelle chen. i've been trying to look for it online and no luck so i'm hoping you guys can help me out look for the lyrics and english translations, thanks ^-^... read more

Posted on Apr 6 2015 | 9:52pm

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