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Wallace Chung (鍾漢良)

---Quote (Originally by KoolPerson100)--- I was doing some research on Wallace Chung and is wondering if the scandal of him being secretly married is true? ---End Quote--- Hello, Wallace is very about his personal life, when reporter asks, he just says like it would be wonderful to have such... read more

Posted on Jan 14 2017 | 4:11am

Wallace Huo (霍建華)

I love this birthday fanvid very much. A collection of quotes from his dramas but they all closely reflect his own personal beliefs, philosophies and attitude towards life. read more

Posted on Jan 3 2017 | 9:07am

Eddie Peng (彭于晏)

Attachment 10226 ( 就是这个网站 read more

Posted on Dec 18 2016 | 3:08pm

Wang Kai (王凯)

Wang Kai and Chen Qiaoen (Joe Chen)'s modern drama "Hold me Tight, Let me Go" is on. It's ultra silly-comedy style, simplistic & exaggerated characters and nonsensical plots, with Qiao-en leading the way on wild hand-waving gestures and shrill screaming, so this isn't for the discerning viewer... read more

Posted on Dec 13 2016 | 6:19am

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