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Lawrence Yan (甄志強)

---Quote (Originally by 1yanga)--- I love Lawrence. I love him best in The Swordsman (1997). He's very talented in playing such interchangeable roles there, really full of surprises from beginning to end. He plays the villain in the series but he really outshined the lead role for me in turns... read more

Posted on Jun 25 2017 | 3:21am

Hirtik Roshan The new Asian Sexist Man

There is a recent announcement that Hrithik Roshan from India Could be the next Asian most sexiest man presently its Zayan Malik read more

Posted on Jun 13 2017 | 8:11am

Eddie Peng (彭于晏)

I expected to get second lead syndrome when I watched Sound of the Desert but Eddie Peng got me so captivated. read more

Posted on Jun 12 2017 | 8:10am

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