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Yuan Hong

Image: Image: Image: Image:... read more

Posted on Oct 31 2014 | 2:08am

Wallace Chung

---Quote (Originally by Himmy)--- The thing that I noticed about Wallace is his kiss scenes are extremely hot and sexy! no matter who the other party is so I think it's save to conclude that he's just a good kisser ;-) ---End Quote--- Come to my blog and we can fangirl... read more

Posted on Oct 30 2014 | 2:05am

Wallace Huo

Wallace's new movie: Honey Enemy Image: read more

Posted on Oct 16 2014 | 9:47am

Jimmy Lin

Hi guys! Just wanted to drop by and say hi! how r you guys doing? Lately i been thinking abt going to china for studying. I don't know for sure, but what i'm so worried about is that china is like big fantasy and dream world for me, i've always been interested in chinese culture, language... read more

Posted on Sep 10 2014 | 5:48am

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