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Yang Rong (杨蓉)

Image: Image: Image: Image:... read more

Posted on Oct 5 2015 | 3:55am

Ady An Yixuan vs. Liu Yi Fei

LOL haha this is quite a dumb thread but Imma reply anyway, It ONLY makes sense for a LYF to versus a AYX if it is about a fight for xiao yao ge ge. Besides that, there's nothing else...Both of their acting are the same, actors are pretty much just like robots and dolls while it's up to the... read more

Posted on Oct 4 2015 | 9:47pm

Devilish Women of the Ancient China

Surprisingly, why no mention of Ah Zhi from DGSD? Or did I miss it? read more

Posted on Oct 3 2015 | 5:05pm

Joe Chen Qiao En (陈乔恩)

I first seen Joe Chen in the drama Lavender. She wasn't the lead actress so I wasn't able to pay much attention to her that time. It was during My MVP Valentine when I took notice of her. She had the rich girl role which is not really my cup of tea but with her convincing acting and great chemistry... read more

Posted on Sep 4 2015 | 8:01am

Akina Hong Wah (康华)

Just saw her in Wudang rules, her crying is very good and believable... read more

Posted on Aug 15 2015 | 5:54am

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