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Yang Rong (杨蓉)

*suzuna_99*: you're doing fine! :) I actually noticed that about her eyelids too! But it's only evident on some of her pictures, mostly her selfies, so maybe they look different because of the angle the pictures were taken or something? I don't think it is noticeable in any other photos such as... read more

Posted on Apr 18 2014 | 6:45am

Joe Chen Qiao En (陈乔恩)

Huang Xiao Ming birthday message on weibo: 祝福 @陈乔恩 童鞋生日快乐,希望陈童鞋永远有萝莉的心,御姐的美,女王的气质,以后吃什么都不胖!这是励志减肥的陈童鞋收到生日蛋糕时的表情 Wish happy birthday to @Chen Qiao En, I hope that my friend will always have the heart of a loli, the beauty of an imperial sister, and the countenance of a queen, and that she won’t... read more

Posted on Apr 15 2014 | 3:37pm

Liu Shi Shi 刘诗诗 【2】

There is rumor floating around that a possible Chinese Paladin Movie might be in the works with Hu Ge and LSS involved. Can someone get more info on this? read more

Posted on Apr 5 2014 | 11:55pm

Idy Chan Yuk Lin

Idy is still the best Little Dragon Girl. read more

Posted on Apr 3 2014 | 4:54pm

贾青 JIA Qing

Image: ( full size : read more

Posted on Mar 7 2014 | 10:46pm

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