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Yang Rong (杨蓉)

News and another interview on Award Night @ IQIYI read more

Posted on Dec 6 2016 | 5:13am

Jia Qing (贾青)

Great I love her work! read more

Posted on Nov 29 2016 | 3:26am

Liu Shi Shi (刘诗诗) #2

---Quote (Originally by lambayyx)--- I am so hyped for Precious Youth. It seems like it'll be really well-made and the trailers seem very thoughtful/mellow. Huge bonus that LSS and Zheng Kai both look so good (separately and together). ---End Quote--- Ok.. now that I've finished watching... read more

Posted on Nov 19 2016 | 10:19pm

Taiwanese 90s actress--Tu Shan-ni

Her ex-husband has a 15-year-old son from his previous marriage when she married him in 1998, so she was referring to him. It's true that Sunny never wanted kids though. ---Quote (Originally by Linda)--- I'm not getting this at all...not understanding Chinese and all... according to below... read more

Posted on Oct 26 2016 | 6:26pm

Janice Wu Qian

Image: Image: Image:... read more

Posted on Oct 13 2016 | 6:59am

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