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Thread: Need help on translating a Chinese article into English

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    Default Need help on translating a Chinese article into English

    Would any one be kindly enough to translate this article into English for me?
    All I know that this is talking about a movie which is based on Zhao Yun's life or something like that.

     刘德华出道二十多年,从影以来所拍的片种多不胜数。近日将开拍一出古代战争片,有意找华仔担纲演出。将他 塑造成三国名将赵子龙,届时更有机会与周润发担纲演出的《赤壁之战》作正面交锋。

     据知,此片已找来大陆、香港、日本及韩国的电影公司,投资2000万美元(3400万新元)制作,李仁港 担任导演,届时更会赴大陆取景拍摄。这次所拍的片种乃战争片,描述三国名将赵子龙的一生丰功伟绩。故暂 名《赵子龙传》或《见龙卸甲》。

     赵子龙一角则属意华仔演出。他将由赵子龙七十岁倒演回年轻时代,把这位三国时期年纪最大的将军呈 现影迷眼前。

     其实导演吴宇森筹备多时的新作《赤壁之战》,同样以三国为题材,已定明年二月在大陆开拍,剧中角色已落实 由周润发、梁朝伟及姜大伟等合作。倘若《赵》片成功开拍,届时华仔可说是跟《赤》片将来个正面 交锋
    Here is the link:
    Thanks a lot

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    Andy Lau going to star in upcoming production of Zhao Zi Long's life. Story will stretch from his teenage years till his seventies. They have't decided on the title yet.

    Mentioned Chow Yun Fatt's upcoming Battle of Chibi movie too.
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