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Thread: So how did TVB F'ed up HSDS, Crimeson Sabre, and Flying Fox?

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    Default So how did TVB F'ed up HSDS, Crimeson Sabre, and Flying Fox?

    In the 90's TVB produced what most fans believed to be the best adaptations of some of Jin Yong's most popular wuxia novels. LoCH '94, although not as memorable as it's 1980's counterpart or as great as the 2003 Mainland adaptation, it did follow the novel closely and was a pretty good series. RoCH '95, DGSD '96 and SoD '96 were perceived as the very best adaptations of their respective novels and a classic by many wuxia fans. Which lead me to this question: How did TVB f'ed up HSDS '00, Crimson Sabre, and Flying Fox '99? At the time when I first watched Crimson Sabre and Flying Fox, I did not read the novel, but I could definitely tell that it did not follow its source materials because some of the twists and turns in the plot made absolutely no sense at all.

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    That's when they started deviating too much from the original plots. Interesting point is that all 3 series had the same leading actress. Hmmm....I wonder......

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    You're right. I completely missed that LOL.

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    to be fair, flying fox had one of the best tvb opening theme song
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    But yeah, the main issues are the plot changes. The reason Jin Yong's stuff works is because he uses the plot to drive theme (the Zhangs encounter with Xie Xun illustrating depth of friendship and how we shouldn't judge others, or Hu Fei's helping of his Miao after Miao gets blinded to show honor). But look at all the superfluous struggles that appear in those messed up adaptions (appearance of the prince in HSDS draw adds another antagonist who turns out to be quite useless etc). When you simply add crazy events to simply add cool conflicts with cool fighting, especially when you know the character will come out on top, it sucks.
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    I thouhh that the storylines were too dragged out to fill in some epiosodes. I am OK with some deviation from the plot but when the devaition takes over the storyline, I think it is ridiculous. E.g. When Miu Yeuk Lan got raped, the whole saga with Wan Ching Ching being jealous, Chiu Man's back story, the elongated version of Yan Lei Ting and Yeung But Fui's love, etc...

    Some changes were not that bad.

    I did not like the loss of mystery regarding Ha Shuet Yee, but the fleshing out of his character and his love tangles with the three women were well done with good chemistry. Emily did a great job as the psycho Ho Hung Yuek. I think increasing the story fo Ha Shuet Yee because Yuen Sing Chi was such a bore and Kong Wah was very charasmatic+++.

    The combination of Ma Chun Far and Yuen Chi Yee was also a good choice since Ma Chun Far was a bimbo and Yuen Chi Yee was strange. The bad choices made by the new character of Lip Song Ching were more understandable and Chan Kar Lok seemed like less of jerk and more human.

    I actually very much dislike HSDS though Eddie ruled as Yeung Siu. The chemistry between the casts were all wrong. The costumes were ugly and lost of miscast as well.

    But all three series had good songs. I think TVB tried too hard to make the Jin Yong series more applicable to a modern exercise and failed sadly.
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