HK band Beyond to bow out next year
(Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2004-11-19 09:31

Hong Kong band Beyond would hold its last concert ever early next year, said one of its members, Steve Wong Ka-keung.

The famous band has held many successful concerts since it was established in 1989. Last year, it held its 20th anniversary concert and went on a world concert tour to fulfill the will of Wong Ka-kui, a band member who helped form the band but died in a stage crash in 1993.

Now, the remaining three members of the band have decided to retire after they perform a farewell concert in late January 2005.

Although the January concert will be the band's last one, band member Steve Wong said it did not mean the band would split up. He said Beyond would go into a new phase.

"The band's world tour was not only the will of Wong Ka-kui but also what the three of us aspired to do. Now we have done it we feel greatly relieved. Although the concert will be the band's last one, I want to assure all our fans that Beyond will never split up. In the past few years, the three of us have developed individually, each forming his own new band and a new career. The January concert could be compared to a graduation ceremony for students who have finished their university degree. Beyond will enter a new phase and will continue growing with new achievements," he said.

Steve Wong also said: "In the future, the three of us or our band will give performances in different forms."

According to Paul Wong Koon-chung, another member of the band, Beyond would sing songs selected by the audience in the January concert.

He said: "The concert will be themed on Beyond's growth. Our growth is like a drama without words. At first it was just a band formed by several ordinary guys. Then the band grew to be an important force in the pop music world. After the death of Wong Ka-kui, the three of us chose to develop individually. We have experienced a lot. Beyond has produced many songs. A concert can only sing one-fifth of them. That's why we want our audience to tell us what they'd like to listen to."