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Thread: Do these Western cultural heroes fit the "xia" mold?

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    Default Do these Western cultural heroes fit the "xia" mold?

    Chinese wuxia fans understand the special code of ethics and character that defines xia. It's embodied by such characters as Kiu Fung, Gwok Jing, Yeung Gor, Cheung Mo Gei, Ling Wu Chung, Chor Lau Heung, Luk Siu Fung, Lee Chum Foon, Lee Mo Bak (Li Mubai), etc. The Western world has its share of heroes too, from ancient mythology to modern fiction. How well do the following figures fit the xia ideal?

    Gilgamesh (ancient Mesopotamian folklore)

    Hercules (ancient Greek myth)

    Achilles (ancient Greek folklore)

    Odysseus (ancient Greek folklore)

    Samson (Biblical folklore)

    Beowulf (ancient Germanic folklore)

    King Arthur, Sir Launcelot, and the Knights of the Round Table (ancient British folklore)

    Robin Hood (medieval British folklore)

    Joan of Arc (medieval French figure; somewhat mythologized)

    The Lone Ranger (fictional American "Old West" hero)

    James Bond (fictional modern British espionage character)

    Superman (fictional modern American comic book character)

    Batman (fictional modern American comic book character)

    Spider-Man (fictional modern American comic book character)

    Wolverine (fictional modern American comic book character)

    Luke Skywalker (fictional modern American cinema character)

    Han Solo (fictional modern American cinema character)

    Obi-Wan Kenobi (fictional modern American cinema character)

    Anakin Skywalker (fictional modern American cinema character)

    Rambo (fictional modern American cinema character)

    John McLane (from the DIE HARD movies; fictional American cinema character)

    Feel free to add any others you believe might fit the bill.

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    Ken, I have to give it to you for coming up with this. Props man.

    But i think Achilles isn't much of a hero is he? He's more of a self centered guy trying to prove how good he is.

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    Achilles character disappointed me when he was mutilating Hectors body. His love for his boyfriend was somewhat touching. - Not Xia

    Wolverine reminds me a bit of XF. He oft loses himself to his animalistic side. But out of the X-Men he has the most "yee hey" (fraternal loyalty). - Xia

    Professor Xavier - His dream of a world where humans and mutants can live in harmony and it's legacy has a profound effect on society. He is like a great founder like Damo in some ways. His pupils are reknowned the world over for their abilities and heroism. Without him life on earth would be pretty miserable for humans and mutants alike. - Super Xia

    Jean Grey of the X-men - a super-heroine. She gave up cosmic power for the greater good. - Super Xia
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    The word 'hero' to Guo Jing meant gaining respect from the masses AND doing whatever it takes to protect them and support them. Genghis Khan had caused so many bloodsheds in so many regions of China resulting in widows and orphans. He didn't fit into much of the traits of being a hero as he so thought all along throughout his life.

    Out of all those that I know, Robin Hood, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine seem to fit into Guo Jing's definition.

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    guo jing = captain america ,

    yang guo= spawn/ iron man/ batman

    lhc= spiderman

    xiao feng - wolverine/ rambo

    wxb= james bond

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    Quote Originally Posted by hentaixp
    guo jing = captain america ,

    yang guo= spawn/ iron man/ batman

    lhc= spiderman

    xiao feng - wolverine/ rambo

    wxb= james bond
    Haha. I don't know whether or not I should be sad because I can see the similiarities between the characters...
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