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Thread: TVB's 5 Most Memorable Characters

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    Discounting characters from wuxia adaptations, which shouldn't count because TVB didn't create those characters, I'd say the following:

    1. Hui Mun Keung (Chow Yun Fat) - THE BUND (1980)

    2. Ah Chan (Liu Wai Hung) - THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY (1979)

    3. Ding Lik (Ray Lui) - THE BUND (1980)

    4. Fung Ching Ching (Angie Chiu) - THE BUND (1980)

    5. Lok Lam (Liza Wang) - A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME (1976)

    Honorable Mentions

    6. Lo 4 Hoi (Patrick Tse) - THE SHELL GAME (1980)

    7. Muk Jui Fai (Chow Yun Fat) - THE BROTHERS (1980)

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    1. Andy Lau, Kent Tong, Bryan Leung in ROCH 83
    2. Felix Wong, Michael Miu, Kenneth Tsang in LOCH 83
    3. Shek Sau in DGSD 82
    4. Alex Man in Tai Chi Master
    5. Adam Cheng in Chor Lau Heung

    1. Angie Chiu in White Snake Legend
    2. Idy Chan, Suzanna Au Yeung in ROCH 83
    3. Barbara Yung in LOCH 83
    4. Cecilia Wong, Idy Chan in DGSD 82
    5. Michelle Yim in Tai Chi Master
    If you Sau Gor fans, so visit & like this fanspage :
    There's so many picture of him. That's really awesome ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omniflame View Post
    Back in 1999, TVB announced the five most memorable male and female characters.

    Most Memorable Male Characters:
    Chow Yun-Fat (Hui Man-Keung in The Bund)
    Damien Lau Chung-Yun (Luk Siu Fung in Luk Siu Fung)
    Andy Lau Tak-Wah (Yeung Gor in The Return of the Condor Heroes)
    Dicky Cheung Wai-Kin (Suen Ng-Hung in JttW)
    Lawrence Ng Kai-Wah (Ching Chi-Mei in Healing Hands)

    Most Memorable Female Characters:
    Josephine Siao Fong-Fong (Lam Ah Chun in DIM CHI GAM GAN DAN)
    Lisa Wong Ming-Chuen (Lok Lam in GA BIN)
    Nancy Sit Kar-Yin (Auntie Ho in KINDRED SPIRIT JUN CHING)
    Chiu Nga- Chi (Fung Ching-Ching in SHANGHAI BEACH aka THE BUND SEUNG HOI TAN)
    Maggie Cheung Ho-Yi (Ching Bo-Chu in OLD TIME BUDDIES NAN HING NAN DAI)


    For the males, I would have excluded Lawrence Ng and Dicky Cheung and added Felix Wong's Kwok Jing and Adam Cheng's Chor Lau Heung.

    Except for Chiu Nga-Chi in The Bund, I never watched the series that the most memorable female characters were in.

    Who do you think should be in the "5 most memorable characters" list?
    I'm very surprised that Maggie Cheung's Ching Bo-Chu was included on the list considering how relatively recent that role was. Though I do agree that between Maggie and Jessica's role, I remember Maggie's role a lot more. She was really great in that series.

    As for the most memorable character from TVB, I would say hands down it'd be Chow Yun Fat's Hui Man Keung from The Bund. I wouldn't really include any wuxia characters since like Ken mentioned, they're not TVB creations. On the same note though, I thought for sure they would also include Barbara's Wong Yung, since it seemed like a lot of people really adored her version.

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    For me, the most memorable character is the mom in Journey of Love. I don't remember her name, just that it means "spring." Anyway, her character helped me to understand why my mom was the way she was. From her character I started to appreciate my mom and stopped taking her for granted.

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    For My Personal preference

    5 most memorable male

    1) Andy Lau as Yeung Guo (ROCH)
    2) Felix WOng as GUo Jing (LOCH)
    3) Tony Leung as Wai Xiao Bao (DOMD)
    4) Ekin CHeng as Shi Sheng (Zu Mountain part 2)
    5) Lam Fong as Huangpu shao hua (eternal happiness)

    5 most memorable female

    1) Barbara Yung as Huang Rong
    2) Nadia Chan as Ying Nan (Zu Mountain part 2)
    3) Pauline Yeung as Zi Qiong (Zu Mountain Part 1)
    4) Michelle Ye as Meng Li Jun (Eternal Happiness)
    5) "Forget her name" - but she is the Ah Zi of DGSG 1983

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    I liked Michael Tse's Laughing Gor in the original EU series. Now he's just overly-done with all the movies and spin-offs, its annnoying

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