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  • Francis and Flora

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    2 13.33%
  • Francis and Joe

    1 6.67%
  • Francis and Ron

    1 6.67%
  • Francis and Shek Sau

    4 26.67%
  • Myolie and Ron

    1 6.67%
  • Ron-Bosco-Sammul-Kenneth

    7 46.67%
  • Louisa-Jerry

    1 6.67%
  • Ron-Michelle-Sammul

    2 13.33%
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Thread: Triumph in the Skies 《衝上雲霄》

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    wow.. havent been keeping up with this forum... and so many posts...

    i am now currently re-watching this series... sooo GOOD!!! lol
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    heisz i really wish that michelle has chosen one of them to make it a more nicer ending
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    Default Triumph in the Skies...a sucessful series

    Triumph in the Skies is forever my favourite series!! It's something new about airplane which is not like the ordinary TVB series*I believe that most parts of the series' success lie in the strength of the leading cast . They were very experienced and had good acting skills. Awesome!!!

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    TITS was good, but i felt it was TOO focused on Franolie & Flora.

    felt that Michelle should have ended up with some guy. (either choose between Ron & Sammul, or go get another one)
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