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    Default Legend of the Condor Heroes 2003

    Here are episodes 1-9 synopsis that I am currently writing for the mainland version of Legend of the Condor Heroes that was released in 2003.

    LOCH Episode 1 Synopsis
    Near the end of the Song Dynasty, corrupt officials ruled, creating conflicts and discontent among the local people. Under these tumultuous times, the common people are filled with righteous indignation at the royal government, and thus chivalrous people emerged in the martial arts world to punish the wicked.

    On one winter day, a chivalrous Taoist priest, Qiu Chuji, killed a corrupt government and then fled to Ox Village where he encountered two righteous men, Guo Xiaotian and Yang Tie Xin. After befriending them, he found out their two wives were pregnant and gave them each a precious dagger to celebrate the event, carving the names of the 2 unborn child on the daggers each, Guo Jing and Yang Kang. The two sworn brothers exchange knives saying if it were one had a boy and one had a girl, they would married, and if they were of the same sex they would be sworn siblings. Qiu Chuji left shortly after that.

    One winter night, Yang Tie Xinís wife, Bao Xi Ruo, rescued an injured man and let him rest in her barn. The following day, the injured man disappeared. Besotted by her beauty, the injured man, who was really got a Jinís prince, got a corrupt Songís official, Duan Tian De, to pin some charges on Guo Xiaotian and Yang Tie Xin and ordered their captured. This resulted in a blood fight that left Guo Xiaotian dead and Yang Tie Xin dead with his body missing. The 2 wives were captured. However, Bao XiRuo was rescued by the Jin prince . Guo Xiaotianís wife, Li Ping, was captured by Duan Tian De. Qui Chuji arrived to find Guo and Yang brothers dead, and swore to rescue their wives and unborn children and take revenge for this dastardly deed.

    LOCH Episode 2 Synopsis
    Bao Xiruo wakes up to the discovery that she have been rescued by the person whom she rescued that one winter night weeks ago. She did not expect that this person was a royal member of the Jin country. His name was Prince Wan Yan Hong Lie. Meanwhile, Qiu Chuji continue his pursuit of Duan Tiande from Ox Village located in Linan to a China temple in ChiangNan. Duan TianDe had dressed Li Ping as a male soldier and ask for sanctuary at the temple. The abbot of the temple being a former sworn brother to Duan Tian De's father agreed. Qiu Chuji order the temple abbot, Master Jiao Mu, to hand over Duan TianDe and the woman. Master Jiao Mu, not realizing that Li Ping was a woman, refused his request. Master Jiao Mu went to the 7 Weirdos of the South (ChiangNan) to request help in mediating this mess. However, both sides end up fighting one another at the mediation site with WanYan Hong Lie witnessing on the side. The fight came back to the temple and in the end, both sides end up injuring one another. Finally, when his pursuer is injured, Duan TianDe makes his appearance.

    LOCH Episode 3 Synopsis
    Duan Tien De suddenly emerged from hiding from the temple once the martial arts fighters were injured. Cursing at Qiu Chuji, he attempts to kill him, but were stopped by Master Jiao Mu. After accidentally killing Master Jiao Mu, he fled with Li Ping while the helpless 8 remaing martial artists are too injured to stop him.

    After using their internal chi to heal themselves, Qiu Chuji attempted to apologize to the 7 Weirdos of the South; but were taunted by their leader, Ke Zhen E, into another duel to square everything off. Qiu Chuji came up with a different proposal. Each side will search for one of the missing mothers and their unborn child. During the next 18 years, each side will teach the unborn child all the martial arts they knew, and then the 2 children will duel with one another. The winner will gain honor for his master(s).

    The 7 Weirdos of the South was charged with looking for Duan Tian De and Guo Xiao Tian's wife, Li Ping.
    The Taoist Priest, Qiu Chuji, was charged with looking for Yang Tie Xin's wife, Bao Xi Ruo.

    Upon fleeing the temple, Duan Tian De was fleeing toward the Jin Empire so that he can collect his reward. Upon entering Jin territories, he and Li Ping were pressed into a chain gang. While in the chain gang, the gang were attacked by Mongolian bandits killing everyone. Duan Tian De faked his death and Li Ping hid and faked her death as well. After the fight, Duan Tian De robbed the dead and fled to unknown parts, not realizing that Li Ping was still alive. That night, Li Ping gave birth alone to her son, Guo Jing, in the cold, barren Mongolian wilderness among the dead.

    Meanwhile, Bao Xi Ruo, living with the Jin prince, gave birth within the luxury of a Jin Palace to a healthy baby boy named Wan Yan Kang.

    Years later, upon the wide expanse of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, Temujin (Genghis Khan) amassed his troops to fight another Mongolian tribe. A young Guo Jing witnessed the battle scene from afar. Seeing a fearless warrior fight with his tribe against Temujin's troops, Guo Jing was impressed. However, Temujin quickly defeated that tribe and forced those tribe's warriors to flee. Guo Jing helps hide the fearless warrior that he saw, but Temujin's men comes to question Guo Jing on the whereabout of that missing warrior....

    LOCH Episode 4 Synopsis
    Temujin's soldiers threatened to kill Guo Jing if he did not revealed the whereabouts of the hidden warrior, whose name was Jebeh. Guo Jing stubbornly refused to reveal Jebeh's location. Temujin's solider was about to beat Guo Jing when Jebeh appears out of the haystack to save him. Knowing he was about to be killed, Jebeh laments to Temujin and his soldiers that he could not be killed by a hero or die on the battlefield. Temujin was offended when he heard this and got one of his warrior, Bogurchi , to fight Jebeh. Jebeh, thankful for Temujin's generosity, offer to duel with Bogurchi without any arrows. The two duel with Jebeh catching Bogurchi's arrows and using it against him. Jebeh shows off his phenomenal skills as a marksman. Impressed, Temujin offers Jebeh a position in his tribe. Jebeh willingly accept. Temujin impressed with Guo Jing's loyalty and strong character offer to take the boy into the tribe as well.

    Guo Jing and his mom, Li Ping, joins Temujin's tribe, with Jebeh's as Guo Jing's master.

    There in the tribe, Guo Jing befriends ToLui, the youngest son of Temujin and they become AnDap, blood brother, as well as befriending To Lui's little sister, Hua Zheng.

    The 2 Jin princes, Wan Yan Ho Lie and his brother, comes to Mongolia to award Temujin and his adopted father. However, their real purpose is to break Temujin's alliance with his two brothers apart so that Temujin will not be able to unite all the Mongolian tribes under one leader and attacked the Jin.

    Temujin entertains the 2 princes with wine and sensuous dancing girls.

    LOCH Episode 5 Synopsis
    At the banquet, Temujin asked the Jin prince if any other Mongolians heroes were gonna be receiving an award, but were told only he and his adopted father. Temujin saw this for the political action it was and informed the Jin princes that there were 2 others heroes, his 2 adopted brothers. But the Jin prince laughed and scoffed at his suggestion of awarding Temujin's 2 brothers also.

    Temujin met up with his two adopted brothers and escorted the Jin princes to his adopted father's camp. Along the way they were attacked by an enemy tribe (about 30,000 men) who wished to be awarded as well. Temujin and his troops defeated the ethnic tribe easily. The Jin princes were alarmed at how powerful Temujin's troops are and were more determined to drive a wedge between Temujin and his adopted brothers.

    Also at this time, the 7 Weirdos of the South finally finds Guo Jing after years of searching for Guo Jing and his mother, Li Ping. Finding out that Guo Jing was a very slow learner, they agreed to teach him only if he came up to the mountain that night to meet them. Slow comprehension can be overcome with patience but without courage there would be no point in wasting their time.

    That night, up in the mountain, the 7 Weirdos waited patiently for Guo Jing to come when they encountered skulls stacked up in a unique combination. Ke Zhen E came to the conclusion that Eastern Herectic's two disciples, Mei Chaofeng and Chen XuangFeng, were hiding Mongolia to learn Nine Yin White Bone Claw, a fierce martial art. Years ago, these two had killed Ke zhen E's two sworn brothers and caused him to blind. Wanting to take revenge, the 7 Weirdos set up a trap for Mei Chaofeng and Chen XuangFeng.

    Mei Chaofeng shows up but detect the 7 Weirdos and started attacking and was defeating them, but Ke Zhen E luckily caused her to be blind with his flying darts. Chen XuangFeng shows up shortly after this with Guo Jing as his captive. The 7 Weirdos looked with trepidation at this turn of event. Guo Jing takes out the sword given to him by Qiu Chuji and stabbed Chen XuanFeng and mortally wounded him. Chen XuanFeng laughed ironically at this situation since he was famed throughout the martial world as not fearing any sharp weapon but he was just mortally wounded by a young boy with no martial arts skills. Mei Chaofeng, now blinded, and the mortally wounded Chen XuanFeng fled from the 7 Weirdos, but not before mortally wounding one of the 7 Weirdos (the 5th sworn brother, Zhang ???, as well. Chen XuangFeng before dying told Mei Chaofeng that the manuscript to Nine Yin White Bone Claw were etched on his body and to use the knife that killed him to cut off of his body. They remembered how they had to fled Peach Blossom Isles after stealing this manuscript from their master and remembered their love. Then Chen XuangFeng dies.

    Another tender moment was also happening at the scene of the fight. The 5th member in 7 Weirdos of the South were now dying and Han Xiaoying, the 7th member and only female member of the group, were both lamenting at how stupid they were for not publicly acknowledging their love for one another. Guo Jing was told to bowed to his Zhang ??? and calling him master. Zhang ??? dies. The 7 Weirdos accepts Guo Jing as their disciple and descended down from the mountain in the early dawn of the day.

    Guo Jing comes down to hear the news that Temujin's adopted brother, San Kun, son had released a herd of horses to trample over Tolui. Guo Jing rushes to rescue ToLui with the help of his new masters. Guo Jing bravely saves Tolui and his sister from being trampled.

    Temujin's adopted father reprimanded his grandson, Durksh, and San Kun glowered at Temujin while the Jin princes rejoiced at seeing the wedge that was being created between the 3 brothers. To smooth things over, Temujin promises his youngest daughter, Hua Zheng, to be wedded to Durksh when they become of age. Temujin's adopted father decided to offer one of San Kun's daughters to one of Temujin's son to be his wife....

    LOCH Episode 6 Synopsis
    Prince Wan Ya Hong Lie seeing the 7 Weirdos of the South tries to avoid them from noticing them since he was fearful that they would recognize him from the restaurant in Chiangnan years ago. Temujin, seeing how adept the 7 Weirdos are, asked them to stay and teach his men some moves. They agreed since this will allow them to be close to Guo Jing. Ke Zhen E relates to Li Ping why they are the one to search for her and not Qui Chuji.

    For the next few years, the 6 remaining Weirdos of the South devote their time to teaching Guo Jing martial arts. However, due to his slow understanding, Guo Jing did not learn very much. Temujin's youngest daughter, Hua Zheng, often finds his slow understanding and punishments from his masters very amusing.

    One night, Qui Chuji's apprentice, Yin Zhiping, bring news about Yang Kang to the 7 Weirdos of the South, Guo Jing and his mother. But Yin Zhiping also took the opporunity to test Guo Jing's skill and found it very lacking. Yang Kang's skill was suppose to be more advance than Yin Zhiping's. Guo Jin's masters decided they need to force Guo Jing to learn martials arts night and day.

    One day, after a long session of training and being punished, Hua Zheng rans up to Guo Jing and informed him that Temujin was hunting condors and for them to go watch. Temujin told his warriors if anyone can shoot down a condor he will be rewarded. Guo Jing with one arrow shot down 2 condors thereby winning favor with Temujin. Guo Jing foolishly asked Temujin if Hua Zheng's engagement to Duruksh, San Kun's son, be annulled. Temujin refused him saying that was a childish request and gave him a jewelled golden dagger instead.

    Hua Zheng and Guo Jing found out that the condors that he killed left behind baby condors up high on a cliff. Guo Jing tried but could not reached for them. A Taoist priest named Ma YuFie flew up to the cliff and rescue the condors. Hua Zheng takes the condors and care for them. Ma YuFie offers Guo Jing the chance to learn this skills if he will come at night up that cliff.

    That night, Guo Jing attempted to climb up the cliff, but it was too steep. Screaming for help, the Taoist priest drop a rope and help him up. After asking Guo Jing never to reveal to his other masters that he was being taught this skill, Ma YuFie teaches Guo Jing the proper way to meditate and cultivate his internal chi; thereby revealing to Guo Jing that the reason why he was not getting anywhere in his martial arts practice was because his masters in their haste to impart their skills forgot to teach him the foundation to martial arts. So Guo Jing learns meditation skills from the Taoist priest, Ma YuFie.

    LOCH Episode 7 Synopsis
    For 2 years, Guo Jing practice meditation nightly upon the cliff with Ma YuFei. One day to test how far Guo Jing have come along in his study, his 6 masters, the 7 Weirdos of the South, gave him a series of tasks. They saw that he was faster and have improved his martial arts. He was able to tame a wild red horse that his master, a famous horse tamer, had truoble taming. He was able to execute the sword stances his 7th master taught him perfectly. Seeing how fast he have come along and knowing that he was not the brightest tool in the shed, the 6 masters grew suspicious about him. They told him to go rest, but secretly agreed among one another to trail him to see where he goes.

    That night, they saw him climb up the cliff by himself with extremely fast lightness kung fu that they had no skills in. Unable to follow, some of them returned back to camp for ropes to make the climb up. Meanwhile, Guo Jing and Ma YuFei discovered that Mei Chaofeng was practicing her Nine Yine White Bone claw martial arts up there. Alarmed at this discovery, Ma YuFei told Guo Jing to inform his masters that Ma YuFei. Meanwhile, some of the 7 Weirdos of the South have managed to climb up the cliff and discovered that Mei Chaofeng was back. However, they mistakenly jumped to the conclusion that Guo Jing had betrayed them by joining forces with Mei Chaofeng and that he had accepted an enemy as his master.

    That same night, Guo Jing and Ma YuFei also witnessed that Sang Kun and Wan Yan Hong Lie were making secret plans to take advantage of Durksh and Hua Zheng's wedding to kill Temujin.

    Guo Jing goes to inform his masters about Mei ChaoFend and were attacked by them. Luckily, Ma YuFei appears and clears up the misunderstanding. They confronted Mei ChaoFeng by pretending to be the 7 Taoist priest of Quanzhen and brokered a peace between her and the 7 Weirdos.

    Guo Jing then rush off on his new red horse to warn Temujin about San Kun's treachary. Temujin had already went out to meet the engagement party. Temujin dismisses Guo Jing claims as nonsense and a battle ensue where Temujin is injured by an arrow. Durksh, however, is captured. An injured TemujinDurksh is released but carry news back to his father that Temujin is fatally injured so San Kun attacks the following day. Temujin really fake the arrow injury and rally his troops against San Kun's attack.

    LOCH Episode 8 Synopsis
    Temujin defeats San Kun and unified the prarie under one ruler. He engage Hua Zheng to Guo Jing for Guo Jing's role in his victory. Guo Jing, only considering Hua Zheng as his sister, wanted to refuse but had a hard time doing so. Temujin proclaim Guo Jing to be the "Golden Dagger Prince Consort".

    Shortly after the announcement by Temujin, Guo Jing's 6 masters informed him that he needed to get ready to head south back into China so that they can meet up for the duel against Qui Chuji and Yang Kang on March 24 at the restaurant they first met the priest in Chiangnan. They wanted him to get some worldly experience first. Hua Zheng pleads for him not to leave but Guo Jing leaves anyways.

    To give Guo Jing some wordly experience, Guo Jing and his masters parted company, promising to meet at the restaurant at the appointed time. Left alone, Guo Jing travels around and in one village he encounter a young beggar who was caught robbing some food. He treated the young beggar to lunch. The young beggar had exquisite eating habits and order the most expensive food and a big banquet. They both ate the large banquet while a large group of villagers watch them.

    LOCH Episode 9 Synopsis
    Guo Jing and the young beggar became really good friend and seem to perfectly suited to one another. However, one day the young beggar, in tears, decided to bid farewell to Guo Jing. Guo Jing head to Beijing and encountered a traveling martial arts father-daughter who are setting up a stage to find her a husband. The father name is Mu Yidai and his beautiful daughter name is Mu Nianci. The stage attracted all sort of ruffians who wants to win the beautiful Mu Nianci's hand. She defeats them all. However, the young prince, Wanyan Kang also came up on stage to fight for her hand. The father tries to stop the match saying he only wanted serious suitors and Wanyan Kang say he is serious. So the two fight and falls in love with one another on the stage, but Wanyan Kang is a playful prince and steals her shoe and refuse to marry her. Guo Jing tries to intervene but is beaten up. Qui Chuji's martial brother, a Taoist priest, appears and reprimand Wanyan Kang and threatened to report what he sees to Wanyan Kang's master, but Wanyan Kang's bodyguards attack and injured him. Just when things were coming to a boiling point, Wanyan Kang's mother, Bao XiRuo appears in a carriage telling him to apologize and go home. Mu YiDai see Bao XiRuo and recognizes her, for he is really her former husband, Yang TieXin, whom everyone had thought died long ago.
    At the Jin's palace, a banquet is held for all the martial artists who had decided to join the Jin's cause.
    Check out WXFS translated comic of Tian Long Ba Bu
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    thank u so much... ive always wanted to know wat loch was about
    thanks keep going please
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