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Series::Musketeer and Princess. - {Ren Quan , FanBingBing, Nicky Wu}
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Thread: Series::Musketeer and Princess. - {Ren Quan , FanBingBing, Nicky Wu}

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    Default Series::Musketeer and Princess. - {Ren Quan , FanBingBing, Nicky Wu}

    Fan Bing Bing as Princess Ling An
    Ren Quan as Leng Xie (Cold Blood)
    Nicky Wu as Wu Qing (Cold Heart)
    Nicky Wu as Yi Teng
    Zhang Tie Lin as the Emperor
    Zuo Xiao Qing as Ya Feng
    Lu Xing Yu as Zhui Ming
    Wang Jiu Xing
    Dong Zhi Hua

    Total Episodes: 34


    The Princess of Ming Dynasty got kidnapped, the Emperor's "24 Jewels" disappeared, a map for soldiers deployment was stolen, the Royal Court is a mess!

    At the same time, the country's been invaded and plundered by barbarians. There's also an enemy "Hurtful-Man" fleeing to the country's enemy who has hatred of the Emperor, kidnap the Princess, and stole the Emperor's "24 Jewels" and deployment map. Those barbarian leaders who have been invading the country thought the above is true but someone takes their heads instead. Enemy's situation suddenly is in a chaos, thus enemy is destroyed.

    Actually, those 3 "Hurtful-Man" and fake Princess are all Zhu Ge Hou's disciples. It turns out that Zhu Ge Shen Hou plans this whole fiasco, deploying his favorite disciples Wu Qing (Nicky Wu), Tie shou, and Zhui ming with his three female disciples Ya Feng (Zuo Xiao Qing), Piao Hua, and Rou Xie to get rid of the enemy. And the person who kidnap the real Princess (Fan Bing Bing) is Zhu Ge Shen Hou's eldest disciple Leng Xie (Ren Quan). At this time, Zhu Ge Shen Hou and his four male and three female disciples celebrate for their success at "Butterfly Valley". Leng Xie and Ya Feng already engage, so Leng xie isn't that keen on concerning the Princess. Yet, the Princess develops feelings for Leng Xie once she returns back to her palace.

    The Emperor honors Zhu Ge Shen Hou as "Ordinary Shen Hou" while his four male disciples as "Four Honorary Bounty Hunters". From then on, "Butterfly Valley" becomes famous with the martial art world calling those four people the "Four Great Bounty Hunters". Yet, these four bounty hunters have relationship issues with their three female disciples of Zhu Ge Shen Hou. What's more interesting is that Leng Xie has hidden feelings for the Princess! On the other hand, the supervisor of the Emperor's body guard conspires with a gang called "Lantern Club" to get rid of the "Four Great Bounty Hunters".

    One day, Zhui Ming runs to Miao-Jiang to arrest some barbarians but he doesn't understand that place's custom that he marries Miao-Jiang tribe leader's daughter, Lan Xiao Yue! Zhui Ming then runs back to "Butterfly Valley" but his wife Lan Xiao Yue also runs after him. But to his bewilderment, nobody ever lives in "Butterfly Valley" anymore. It turns out that there is a spy in "Butterfly Valley" who betrayed everyone while Zhui Ming is in Miao-Jiang. Meanwhile, Tie Shou injured and falls into the river but saved by a thief called Shang Guan Yao Hong; Leng Xie escapes safely; Zhu Ge Shen Hou captured since he's poisoned.

    Everyone suspects Leng Xie is the traitor but Leng Xie can't find anything to excuse himself, so he's forced to flee to escape from being murdered by his other colleagues. The gangster world also send out notice that they'll reward people handsomely for those who kill Leng Xie. When the Princess hears this news, she runs out from her palace to save Leng Xie. The princess encounter many hardships trying to find Leng Xie such as begging for food on the street and eventually being kidnapped and sold to a brothel.

    While Zhui Ming goes through the world trying to find Leng Xie to kill, Zhui Ming's wife Lan Xiao Yue follows after him also. In desperate move, Zhui Ming hides in a brothel but saves the Princess who almost get forced to be a prostitute, who also learn a big secret from Princess. At the same time, Leng Xie sips into "Lantern Club" trying to save his master Zhu Ge Shen Hou whose imprisoned there, but got caught instead. The leader of "Lantern Club" then orders Leng Xie to get Emperor's head in exchange for Zhu Ge Shen Hou, otherwise Zhu Ge Shen Hou will be killed!

    Leng Xie who is raised by Zhu Ge Shen Hou since little can't bear for his master to be killed so he takes his chance in the palace, but meet Tie Shou, Shang guan Yao Hong, Wu Qing who falls off a cliff but didn't die and his previous lover Ya Feng where all of them are surrounding him to attack him.

    Leng Xie leaves with injury with his reputation not being cleared but at the same, Zhui Ming, the Princess and Lan Xiao Yue arrives. Everyone finds out that the leader of "Lantern Club" is actually Zhu Ge Shen Hou! And Zhu Ge Shen Hou is the real biological father of the Princess! Zhu Ge Shen Hou's real name is Xue Yuan Hao. Twenty years ago when the Emperor travels to the South, he forcefully takes Zhu Ge Shen Hou's wife and take her into the palace as a concubine. At that time, Zhu Ge Shen Hou's wife is already pregnant, later giving birth to Ling-An Princess. Hence, the Princess is Zhu Ge Shen Hou's own flesh and blood.

    Xue Yuan Hao master a mysterious and powerful kung-fu, adopting disciples and create "Lantern Club" secretly in order to retaliate for being stolen of his family. Unfortunately, his disciples don't know any better and become "Lantern Club" biggest enemy!

    And so, Leng Xie and his male and female colleagues defeat Zhu Ge Shen Hou and his organization together. All Zhu Ge Shen Hou's disciples then decide to retire from the world. On an edge of a cliff, Zhu Ge Shen Hou drinks down a cup of poison wine while songs from afar singing: Chilling wind comes at night and cold weather comes in the morning, people's hatred extends as long as the river.

    Leng Xie returns to "Butterfly Valley" with the Princess. Several years later, flowers grown all over "Butterfly Valley", laughters and love prevail in the valley. A couple living like fairies, living happily in the valley. Underneath the sunset, the past gradually fades away.

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    Credit to Bingcute

    Originally posted by bingcute
    Me too, I love Bing Bing and Ren Quan.

    Ning An, Leng Xie, and Xiao Yue

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    so... I finally pulled myself together and visit the forum again ( I think it had been almost 5 month since I last visited the forum )

    in the beginning I didn't find it THAT good.... personally I don't like Fan bing bing (well... I don't hate her... I've just never been a fan of her)
    and I must admit.. I still aren't... - it is not that she's a bad actor...I'm just not a big fan of her..... but she is pretty... her eyes are so big and adorable!!!

    Well... lets talk about the plot in this serie.
    I found myself likeing it very much... it had so many different cases...

    what I like the most about is that all the 4 male disiples got their "own" story and love life...

    I found Tie shou love story very adorable..... and I was happy that he ended ok. ..

    And to be honest... I felt soo sad for the fact that FBB had killed her brother.. I felt sad for their whole family.... so much hate...
    In fact I felt very sad for the son (the eunuck) coz he had really sacrefied so much.... - I think the actor did a great job.... in the begining I didn't "notice" him that much... but later I felt sad coz he didn't want to kill anyone..... all he wanted was his family together again..
    I found this character very tragic... really sad....
    and when he died I felt very sad, coz the one killing him was his beloved sister....
    and then.. his mother committed suicide... tragic....
    and then the master committed suiced... very tragic....

    Anyway... I was very surprise that I found this serie good....
    Of course... it ended sadly.... but it was a fair ending..... "they" (fan bing bing's family) had to die.... But the fact that they die, just made the audience (well I did!) forgive them for all the horrible things they had done during the whole time.

    BTW: isn't there a site concerning this serie? - I relly would like to know more about all the actor/actress in this serie...
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    I loved this series! I didn't think I would but I did. I especially loved Wu Qing + Ya Feng + his twin brother. I just wished that Wu Qing and Ya Feng had a happy ending. It's funny but I only got this series because of a mix up. They sent me the wrong item, and when I started watching it I began to really like it. But wish I could find more series that the actress who played Ya feng was in because this series has made me a fan of both her and nicky wu.

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    does anyone have the 2 themesong of this series?

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    This is my favortite series, love Bing Bing and Ren Quan in here.

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    Thumbs down

    Oh Come on this series was so bad it couldn't possibily get any worse but it did. I just couldn't buy the story plot at all. It was ridiculous!

    I kept watching hoping it would get better but it just got from worse to worst. Wasted my time for nothing. Complete disappointment!
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    Some people watch because their fav actor/actress is in the show. The actual show and storyline is not important.

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