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MJ Transcripts Revealed
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Thread: MJ Transcripts Revealed

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    Default MJ Transcripts Revealed

    Friday, January 14, 2005 - USA

    ABC has gone public with the testimony transcripts of Michael Jacksonís accuser. The very dark accusations include details about online porn, alcohol and molestation. The transcripts totaled more than 1,900 pages. According to the records, the improper behaviour began when Jackson asked the accuser and his brother to sleep in his bedroom. MJís kids Paris and Prince were asleep in the bed as well. The accuserís mother also said she witnessed Jackson lick her sonís head with his "big, long, white tongue". Jackson has pleaded not guilty to child molestation and a conspiracy count alleging child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.


    According to transcripts, the boy said that when he was molested, he looked over at the pop star and "his eyes were like squinching really tight."

    i found those on the link.

    Eh, i'm really starting to believe that MJ does molest children. I mean, i would never go to court and lie about something like that. Even for money, never.
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