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Thread: anyone watch mystic detective files 1?

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    Default anyone watch mystic detective files 1?

    i have a question. in ep 8 or 9, ah log excused himself to collect the wedding ring for carmen or rather macy. what is the reason for him not returning to the restaurant?

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    yes, watched the last episode. macy told carmen that ah log did not return to the restaurant because his car was stolen and he went looking for the car [which made me more confused - how on earth she knows??]. macy decided to leave restaurant to find ah log and carmen because she wanted to let them know that who ah log loves is carmen. but she met with an accident in the end.

    two other questions, who put carmen's photo in macy's coffin? carmen die in the end?

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    =/ im now following this show on channel 8. havent gotten to the end yet. nice show though
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