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Thread: Nascar? n e type of racin with cars??

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    Default Nascar? n e type of racin with cars??

    Well.. personally i love Nascar Nextel Cup.. Kasey Kahne! lol.. hes pretty damn awesome! Starts again Feb 20 * I think*

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    omg!! Your so fuken retarded!!!.. I don't think n e 1 would sit their infront of a tv screen and watch racecars go in like 23048209348 circles.. ur a dork!! haha.. its okay .. i'm like that too .. wait why am i tellin u this on here wen you live with me haha !! i'm dumb but i still luve ya!!
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    I dont watch the entire thing because I rather go do some thing that is more useful. The only time I watch Nascar is when its about 20-30 laps to go.

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    yea, NASCAR doesn't captivate me at all. the cars are all ugly, and they just go around in circles.

    i looooove the WRC (world rallye championship)!! i like how they have different surfaces and that they tour different countries. i can't wait til they come to the US (which i don't think they will ever).

    i also like watching f-1.

    oh, and who can forget d1gp? thats awesome... albeit not really racing.
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    I'm a Formula One fan. Not a big fan of Indy and Nascar. They just go round and round in a circle....
    Anyway, F-1 is on today yay!
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