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Thread: Why Foreign Language Nominated Performers are always Caucasian?

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    Default Why Foreign Language Nominated Performers are always Caucasian?

    I normally try to avoid racism talk during award season but why is it that most, if not all performances that are non-English come from white actors? This is something I am just now realizing. There are incredible performances by Asian, African, Latin American, and Middle Eatsern actors but its seems to be only white Europeans who are nominated. They nominated Marion Cotillard twice (well deserved btw) for French films. But they are scared to nominate a actor of color in a foreign language film. How come the actors from “Crouching Tiger” were snubbed? Their film made it to a Best Picture nominee. Javier Bardem is from Spain but he is a Caucasian. Out of all the incredible foreign-language performances in 2012, Emmanuelle Riva’s dry *** performance was nominated? Now, some people are predicting Isabelle Huppert, but not many are mentioning the Cannes Film winner Jaclyn Jose.

    I don’t want to call this racism, but I think people need to become more open minded. There are talented colored actors in foreign language films as well.
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