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Thread: Charlene&Ronald/Gillian&Alex/Yumiko&Deep?

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    Default Charlene&Ronald/Gillian&Alex/Yumiko&Deep?

    HongKong's entertaiment news is talking about:

    - Gillian Chung with Alex Fong (Lik Sun) in Switzerland?? Were they only skiing??
    Gillian herself didn't and will not answer for this case.
    Alex said that Gillian wanted to learn how to skiing. So he taught her. Alex said that Cookies (Stephy, Thresa, Miki and Kary) were with their too.
    Do you believe them?

    - Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi in Japan??
    Charlene: I let they took photos of my passport because I want to they know that I haven't got leave from HongKong.
    Hmm... Ronald and Charlene? Ronald looks like Charlene's brother.. No boyfriend (my opinion)

    - Yumiko Cheng and Deep Ng are one pair??
    HongKong Sun Seng radio arranged a music concert for Valentine's day.
    There Yumiko and Deep sang Andy's and Lily's ''Mei Tsung Pat Tsuk.'' :d Hand in Hand.
    After show.. ''If you have to choose who you want to have dinner with you, who will you choose?''
    Deep: ''Who can I choose?''
    TVB's worker: ''Yumiko''
    Deep: ''Ok.. So, Yumiko then ''

    The near same question to Yumiko, Yumiko answer:
    ''I will not choose Deep, I will choose Juno, No deep. Because it's so boring now when everybody said that Deep is my boyfriend.''

    Then they have question:
    ''How you detail you and Deep?''
    Yumiko: ''Very deep. (Hoi Deep)
    Then TVB's worker joking that yeah, Deep is good guy..

    Is EEG (Emperor Entertaiment Group, their manager company.) Some kind of pairing up firm??

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    Alex is too good for Gillian. hope its not true.
    Ronald (if he's the one off Dragon Loaded 2003) dosent suit Charlene at all.
    Yumiko and Deep. thats a new one
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    I watched TVB's entertaiment news programm Jade Soliz Starbiz.
    Alex's series My Family [''Tim Hsuan Yeh Yeh''] had many watchers. There the announcer asked ''How you all will honour?''
    There someone said: ''Yeah! Go to Switzerland!''
    Alex: ''Good! Switzewrland! Good!''

    The Annoucer:''How do you all think of Alex's new girlfrined??''
    KingSir: ''It's good. I haven't got anything to say.''
    Hawick: ''Bad that Alex got a girlfriend before me''
    Alex: ''Why nobody ask me something?''

    Someone said: ''Yeah, Let's go to Switzerland.''
    Alex: ''Why everbody wants to go to Switzerland now?''


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