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Thread: Good Series Suggestions?

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    I recommend My Family! its such a nice and fun show especially Alex Fong! his performance is damn good for a newcomer in acting!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joaniemaloney
    Haha..Kenny. Yes, watch Triumph in the Skies first! But if you don't mind watching series that are a *bit* older, and you liked 'my family', then I suggest:


    Really cute movie, and theme song is really good! I'm pretty sure you'll like it.
    I agree... Family Man is really very good and it is quite similar to My Family with all those comedy and light-hearted scenes.
    Square Pegs is also very cute with Ah Wong, he was very very adorable, you will surely like him.King of Yesterday and Tomorrow is rather nice too, very farnie.
    Those that I recommend are all light-hearted shows cuz I prefer light-hearted show than those shows that are very sad.
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    Maybe you would like Secret of the Heart, Cold Blood Warm Heart, Detective Investigation Files & Files of Justice? It's kinda old but i still remember i used to stay up late just to catch the show n got black eye rings for mths!

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