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Thread: HongKong Idols- Prostitutes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candide
    Right, so did the girl tell you that after you had your haircut and hair washed?
    It seems that the mystery of the mysterious shampoo has been solved.

    Quote Originally Posted by skysky
    To be honest, I think if an actress or actor struggled really hard in show business and they have real talent, but they are still not getting promoted, because the "big people" only promote people that they have gotten freaky with. I think those actress or actors would be tempted to sleep around to get the fame they deserve.
    If these idols (mostly clearly untalented except for good looks) presented themselves as hookers, then I would respect them. I certainly do not look down upon strippers/hookers/prostitutes, etc., but these phony idols are lower to me than the guy selling crack to 8 year old children in some street corner. At least the crackdealers are upfront scum.

    The HK entertainment world has very little talent. A few big shots control everything behind the scenes and dictate who gets a push and who doesn't. Nepotism is alive and well there.

    Take a listen to a Gigi Leung or Leon Lai CD and then listen to a Clay Aiken or Kelly Clarkson CD to compare the difference in singing ability.

    I am neither a fan of Aiken or Clarkson, but they have more singing ability in one fingernail than either GL or LL could even dream of.

    That's not to say that there aren't actually talented entertainers in HK. There certainly are, but they are a huge minority.
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    Ok, so HK/Taiwanese/China pop/movie stars sleep for money. What else is new?

    What I really need to know is who are the middlemen and the price tags for the following actresses below:
    1)Lin Chiling (probably at least USD8000 for just dinner)
    2)Christy Chung (still a hot little number)
    3)Gillian Chung (she's simply adorable)
    4)Coco Lee (ok, I like them wild...)
    5)Diana Pang (I like them mature as well)
    6)Annie Wu (have you seen those lips?)

    Anyone can help?
    Julien Chang

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan J View Post
    and if the public buys into the pretense that these "idols" want to sell them, then like TC said, it's the public's own problem. I certainly would not label them as "scums".
    This is an old thread that I missed. Why did you mention my name?

    Quote Originally Posted by Laviathan View Post
    One of my best friends works in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, and her version of the story was soemthing like this: Chow Yun Fat worked as a gigolo and had sex with the wife of a wealthy businessman. When said businessman found out about the whole thing, he contacted a crime boss to handle the matter. Chow Yun Fat was castrated, and that was the end of it.
    This must be a rumor. Chow Yun Fat is better than this. I am not a big fan of Chow Yun Fat; I am neutral toward him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Laviathan View Post
    Actually, China has an extremely high percentage of prostitutes, but unlike Thailand and Japan, the numbers are not officially recorded. Most women who work in Mainland China barber shops (not all of them, but a lot) or massage parlours (again, not all but most) are in fact providing sexual services.

    In Zhengzhou, provincial capitol of Henan, there's even a red light district in front of the train station. The only difference with other red light districts throughout the world is that the Chinese hang the sign "barber shop" above their doors.

    Well, nowadays, most hookers in HK are indeed from Mainland China, so that's why TVB reflect this in their series.
    Is there any truth to this? I thought China has a gender imbalance. Women should not have difficulty to land a man in China.

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