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Thread: Any of such scenes

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    Default Any of such scenes

    can anyone think of any dramas or movies in which there is a scene where a woman gets whipped for interrogation or otherwise?

    eg. my fair princess - little swallow, ziwei, and the maid gets tied up and whipped to get them to sign the confession
    lady warriors of the yang family - the girl in red/pink gets whipped as she pulls the cart with the general so that he will let her family off

    can't think of anymore. anyone please help? thanks! not sexual/bsdm shows pls. juz normal drama and movies (most of such scenes appear in the period china productions i think).

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    cant think of any....but i remember in the last episode of channel u changing lanes drama, ann kok was bound with ropes n gagged.

    u like BDSM? me too. hehe

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    and in Devil's Blue drama, the girl was kidnapped n she was bound with ropes to a column n had a masking tape over her mouth

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