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    Default Sin City

    Is anyone else interested in this movie or plans to go see it this weekend? I heard it got awesome reviews, some say that it's the best movie of the year. What do you guys think?

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    Quite a 'dark' film. Based on the comics of Frank Miller, the movie is split into 3 stories (4, but the fourth one is short). An outcast with immense strength, tries to track down a psycho. A man with a past (and a new face), is embroiled in a street war. And an aging detective battles a powerful rapist.

    I quite enjoyed the film. Having never read the comics, I was quite suprised at some of the extremely violent scenes. Decapitations, limbs chopped off, lots of blood etc. It's shot in B&W, which turns out to be quite effective (certain characters, items etc have color) to showcase the 'real main character', Sin City itself. There is also car ride scene that was directed by Quentin Tarantino, which is quite interesting to watch. I recommend it.
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    My review is simple: This movie kicks ***.

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    Totally agree with the replies so far. This movie although shocking has certainly got heaps of thrills and spills (mostly of blood). However, if you can't tolerate too much violence I wouldn't recommend it. Otherwise for those of you who would like to see a movie that is totally different this would be it!!
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    I loved the movie!!! I thought that it was so awesome, I mean yeah I will admit it's dark, but I mean the stories are good, great actors, it came out of a comic book, and the way it was created when certain colors came out! WOW! I liked it alot!!!! Plus it had it's funny parts too, but I liked it, I saw the movie in theaters twice and then when it came out I bought it!!! I think if your into the action-pack good/funny movies, straight out of the comic, don't mind so much gorriness (though I must say it didn't seem much like it because of all of the different colors) I think you'll like it alot!
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    Yup its a dark movie but actresses like jessica alba shock audiences when she>_<

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    Jessica Alba is sooooo sexy in that table dance.

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