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MediaCorp : Heartlanders 4
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Thread: MediaCorp : Heartlanders 4

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    Default MediaCorp : Heartlanders 4

    Can someone confirm this. Officially supposed to debut in March, then read in Magazine that it would debut in June but now at


    it says July.

    Anyone in Singapore can confirm the actual date of screening? And also whether is there any official websites?
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    heartlanders starting next tuesday 12 July on channel 5. saw the trailer and shaun chen is on this show.

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    Heartlanders 4
    Premieres Jul 12, Tues, 8pm

    Cast: Vincent Ng (Ricky), Aaron Aziz (Jamal), Julian He (Darren), Priscelia Chan (Lisa), Desiree Siahaan (Cassie), Shaun Chen (James)

    The boys in blue are back! This season, the spotlight is cast on troubled youths and the challenges and obstacles they have to overcome at home and in the society. These heartwarming stories are based on true-life accounts of troubled teens and interviews with social workers.

    Your hunky neighbourhood cops are up to their necks this season dealing with teenage angst, juvenile crimes and teen gangs.

    However they are not without their own set of problems this season. Ricky and Lisa's relationship move on to the next level. Ricky feels it's time to pop the question to Lisa. To prove himself and impress Lisa, Ricky tries his best to be a father-figure to Lisa's 14-year-old son Timmy. But the rebellious Timmy does not take well to Ricky's authoritative approach and moves futher away from him. Timmy gets into bad company with a teen gang. In his attempt to save Timmy from their clutches, Ricky causes the death of the gang leader which wil have severe repercussions later when James (Shaun Chen), the brother of the dead gang leader returns to seek revenge on Ricky, Lisa and Timmy.

    Meanwhile for Jamal, he also forges ahead in his relationship with the beautiful Cassie. Gone are the honeymoon days of courting and first blush of love. They start getting to know each other's good and bad traits, to some comic effect. The real test of their relationship comes when a troubled teen Sonia falls for Jamal. On discovering that Cassie is Jamal's girlfriend, Sonia begins to stalk her.

    Now on probation for his crimes in the past season, Darren is now a changed person. He counsels troubled youths who want to get out of gangs. Given a fresh lease of life, Darren is now a more mature guy as he plays big brother to the wayward youths. One thing that keeps Darren awake at night is for Ricky to forgive him for what he has done. On a romantic note, the cute and boyish Darren has a teenage girl falling for him after he tries to help her get out of her world of drugs and prostitution.

    Donít miss these cute cops patrolling Channel 5 every Tuesday at 8pm!


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    Anyone caught yesterday's episode? Julian Hee looks real hot.

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    ooo julian lee
    seem so cute to my friend.
    but he is an average guy to me

    i lk this drama..
    very nice

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